Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Busy day!

I've been a yarn winding fool today. I don't have much more to do, then I can begin organizing everything into my closet.

Between doing housework, I took constant breaks to make this guy and finish him up to be sent off. It feels really good though to finally get some new work posted. :)
Alexz requested I make a fireman yeti for her brother, who's a firefighter. I must admit that I've never seen a fireman yeti, and so I was a bit iffy as to how he would turn out. Now that he's complete, it's actually going to be VERY hard to say goodbye to him, because I think he came out really cute!!

As you can see, he comes complete with his fireman's hat, hose, and his very own fire to put out. :)

I found this in Florida. I will be searching Hallmarks around here to find it. However, I think it might even be cheaper if I get it on Ebay. I'm particularly posting this for Alexz, because I think she might want to add it to her birthday wishlist. :)
Alexz: If you want, you can go to Ebay and type in "Jim Shore Disney Jack" and it'll come up. However, I recommend looking into all the other Jim shore Disney creations as well, because they're all really fun.



AAAAAHHH!!! My brother is going to FLIP! I love, love, love it! Oh my gosh! Thank you Amy, you rock!! Soooooo cute! He will be so happy! But I don't know if I can give it to him now...I like it too much!!


Yay!! I'm so glad you like him!! I understand though, because I don't want to part with him either! haha. I'm SUPER proud of how he came out though. I thought it was going to be WAY more of a challenge, but for some reason, it was pretty easy! Give me something else to make as a challenge! haha!


Ha! Well, my mom saw this and wants a librarian yeti with a book or something and Kevin loves anything that reminds him of me and his other love, the xbox so maybe a gamer yeti? lol!


OMG. If I could seriously make a gamer yeti, I would be in trouble, because I know Seth would want one too. lol! Who knew there were so many different possibilities with yetis?! haha


Oh my goodness, Kevin is going to kill me because I have emailed him link after link of things I want. You just added another one to the list. :D

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ok the little flame guy is just too much adorable!!

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