Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New projects and progress!

Can you believe that I'm updating again already?! lol!
So, here's what I've been doing!

#1. Progress on my scarf!

Doesn't it look great?! I've been having fun with it, and hopefully it comes along quickly. :)

Next up, my newest projects that I made for my One Tiny Doctor Who Thing swap. I love the One Tiny Thing swaps! However, me and my partner actually decided on making 2 each. Her favorite villains were mine too!
I won't clog this up with all of my pictures, but you can find more on my Facebook (which, if you're not a fan, SHAME ON YOU! haha) and I'll have the Craftster links under the pictures as well. :)
First up, the Weeping Angel

More pictures are here.
And the Empty Child

More pictures can be found here.

That's all for now! I'm going to be back later with some answers to my blog comments!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Progress: New Project

So, I will officially start updating progress on my new long-term goal! I have decided to make the famous scarf worn by Tom Baker in Doctor Who!
For those of you that don't know, this is what it looks like.

This will be my new project to tote everywhere with me and work on whenever I can. See, normally I can't take my amigurumi's with me to work and stuff, simply because it takes a lot more stuff to make them. Ex. safety eyes, stuffing, finishing needle, etc. So, this is something I can work on wherever! I will be updating my progress as well.
Here's what I have so far, remember I just cast on today. haha

I plan on making it about 16 feet long. If Seth and I ever get to a Doctor Who-or even Comicon-convention, then I definitely plan on wearing it! Until then, I think it will make a lovely window valance!
I'm excited about it because I rarely have long-term crafting goals. The things I make may take me a couple days, max. It's nice to know that I have something that I"m going to be working on for a while!
What do you think? Any other Who fans out there that have made the scarf? I'd love to hear what you think!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ah, we meet again!

I know, I've been slacking again! But, I have been REALLY busy!

  • I had my Ood featured on a website! I found out from someone on Etsy that contacted me. Well, within the next 2 hours after I heard I was featured, I had 3 emails for a total of 7 custom orders! You can see mine here on the website.
  • After the 7 custom orders (that I"m still currently working on) I have another 2 on hold.
  • I ordered my new business cards and magnets! I actually got the magnets in the mail the other day, and I LOOOOOVE them! I'm so excited that these can start getting shipped in my packages. :)
  • I've been going to BOOT CAMP!!! A lady at work suggested it, and me and a co-worker decided to sign up. It's Monday, Tuesday and Thurday's from 6 am-7 am. It's been A LOT of work, but I've really been enjoying it! Bonus is that my pants are currently FALLING OFF of me!
  • I've been in the One Tiny Doctor Who Thing swap! I can't show pictures just yet, but I sent it out today, so hopefully I can post pictures Monday or Tuesday. I love what I sent though, and my partner is super awesome and I"m excited to see what she's sending me!

And, this is currently my new love, my Magic Bullet! After discussing for a while with my friend Jackie, I finally broke down and got it. The set I got is from Costco, and I highly recommend it just because it comes with a blender attachment, and I think that's totally worth it!

And there's a few other things that I've been doing, and I would LOVE to hear some comments and suggestions on them!
I've been on the search for the PERFECT pair of flats! Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a couple pairs, but I would love to hear some opinions on nice ones that don't blister and stuff!
So far, these are my new favorites!
Odell flats from Target
And I can't get a picture to post, so you'll just have to try out the link. haha.
And I recently got these flats from Big Buddha brand and OMG do I LOVE them! They are so comfortable and so cute!

So yea, any suggestions would be great!
I hope everyone has a great Easter, and I promise that I'll be back next week! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


Did I miss a C?? Hmm, I don't know.
So, notice something new? Or maybe a whole lot of new?! lol!

The amazing Alexz showed me some more of her amazing talent with this little gem, my new official logo!!!

Yea, it's pretty much awesome! I love it so much! She also made me new business card logos as well as a new Etsy banner, so you should go to my store**coughbuystuffcough** and check out my new banner! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Promo 4 Promo

The lovely Lauren from The Perfect Pear has this great thing called Promo 4 Promo. She gets people to advertise her blog, and then she advertises yours! It's a great thing, and I signed up, so here we go!
One of my favorite things about The Perfect Pair is her D.I.Y's! I love them. I'm totally going to make this for all of my earrings!

And she loves rings just as much as I do! The bigger the better!
Psst...I even have some on their way from Etsy. :)

So go over to The Perfect Pair and check out her awesome blog!

Playing Catch Up #2: Cthulhu and Shaun

So, a while ago I met a super awesome crafter on Etsy. She ordered quite a few things of mine, and when the time came for me to need some things, she sent me stuff that helped me out TREMENDOUSLY, all for nothing. She had asked for a mini Shaun from Shaun of the dead, and I thought I would send it to her just for fun and as a huge thank you for everything she's helped me out with.
So, here he is!

And, I realized recently that I never made a full Cthulhu! How terrible is that?! So, I of course had to. lol.

He's not in the shop yet, but he will be soon. :)

Playing catch up: Zombie Swap

I've been a terrible blogger. I hate it when that happens. :(
My new job has taken more time than I was expecting, for some reason. So, basically, I'm going to make a couple posts to cover everything that I've been up to. First up, my newest projects!

I was recently in the Zombie Swap on Craftster. I got a pretty amazing and epic package, and this is what I sent. I was told that she wanted plush, so I went crazy with plush! First, was my biggest project that I love, the zomboctopus!

I really love how he turned out and definitely plan on making some more of these because of how much fun they are. And here is everything I sent together! I sent the zomboctopus, a large zombie with a head wound, carrying a smaller zombie head, and a decapitated zombie head pillow.

And here's a quick shot of what I got in return. It included a zombie coffee mug that says "I'm a zombie without my coffee" LOVE! Two super awesome necklaces, one of a brain and a zombie cameo. And my favorite, a blood spatter pillow!