Sunday, April 24, 2011

Progress: New Project

So, I will officially start updating progress on my new long-term goal! I have decided to make the famous scarf worn by Tom Baker in Doctor Who!
For those of you that don't know, this is what it looks like.

This will be my new project to tote everywhere with me and work on whenever I can. See, normally I can't take my amigurumi's with me to work and stuff, simply because it takes a lot more stuff to make them. Ex. safety eyes, stuffing, finishing needle, etc. So, this is something I can work on wherever! I will be updating my progress as well.
Here's what I have so far, remember I just cast on today. haha

I plan on making it about 16 feet long. If Seth and I ever get to a Doctor Who-or even Comicon-convention, then I definitely plan on wearing it! Until then, I think it will make a lovely window valance!
I'm excited about it because I rarely have long-term crafting goals. The things I make may take me a couple days, max. It's nice to know that I have something that I"m going to be working on for a while!
What do you think? Any other Who fans out there that have made the scarf? I'd love to hear what you think!



wow that's an ambitious long term project! best of luck can't wait to see the finished result :)


That's an awesome scarf!! I love having a project that takes a while, you can start, stop, pick it up again, bring it places, etc. it's great!! That's what I've been doing with my granny square afghan, I hope you post In Progress photos too!

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