Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ah, we meet again!

I know, I've been slacking again! But, I have been REALLY busy!

  • I had my Ood featured on a website! I found out from someone on Etsy that contacted me. Well, within the next 2 hours after I heard I was featured, I had 3 emails for a total of 7 custom orders! You can see mine here on the website.
  • After the 7 custom orders (that I"m still currently working on) I have another 2 on hold.
  • I ordered my new business cards and magnets! I actually got the magnets in the mail the other day, and I LOOOOOVE them! I'm so excited that these can start getting shipped in my packages. :)
  • I've been going to BOOT CAMP!!! A lady at work suggested it, and me and a co-worker decided to sign up. It's Monday, Tuesday and Thurday's from 6 am-7 am. It's been A LOT of work, but I've really been enjoying it! Bonus is that my pants are currently FALLING OFF of me!
  • I've been in the One Tiny Doctor Who Thing swap! I can't show pictures just yet, but I sent it out today, so hopefully I can post pictures Monday or Tuesday. I love what I sent though, and my partner is super awesome and I"m excited to see what she's sending me!

And, this is currently my new love, my Magic Bullet! After discussing for a while with my friend Jackie, I finally broke down and got it. The set I got is from Costco, and I highly recommend it just because it comes with a blender attachment, and I think that's totally worth it!

And there's a few other things that I've been doing, and I would LOVE to hear some comments and suggestions on them!
I've been on the search for the PERFECT pair of flats! Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a couple pairs, but I would love to hear some opinions on nice ones that don't blister and stuff!
So far, these are my new favorites!
Odell flats from Target
And I can't get a picture to post, so you'll just have to try out the link. haha.
And I recently got these flats from Big Buddha brand and OMG do I LOVE them! They are so comfortable and so cute!

So yea, any suggestions would be great!
I hope everyone has a great Easter, and I promise that I'll be back next week! :)



YAAAY for getting your Ood featured and so many orders as a result!! That is so awesome and exciting!! I can't wait to see what you made for your swap, I just joined a granny square swap which starts at the end of the month which I'm psyched about!
As for flats, I really like Rocketdog brand. They're cute and if you get those little heel gaurd things to put on the back, you won't get blisters. I order from


Yay Magic Bullet and Odell flats! The Big Buddha flats are cute too.

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