Sunday, May 30, 2010

Super Woman!

At least I feel like Super Woman. Or, perhaps it's just the massive amount of coffee and the long walk I took this morning. Either way, it's a good feeling. :)

So, here's what I've been getting into lately. First, I'm SUPER proud of my new found gardening. I've never been much of a gardener, so the fact that I have even sprouts is amazing.

And that is my tomato plant. Look how awesome it's growing!!

And this is all the herbs. I'm so excited about the chives, because I have an amazing recipe for chicken croissants, and it involves lots of chives. It'll be nice to actually make them with my homegrown chives. :)

This is my new Nessie. I'm not totally in love with her at all. I did write down the pattern as I made her, but I definitely will be making some changes. I personally don't know if I can make a Nessie as nice as the pattern I bought from Ravelry, but we'll see.

And, this is what I'm working on today: Medium Sized Bigfoots! I'm making 1 for a gift(I think...not quite sure yet), 1 for my store, and 1 for myself!
I found this new yarn to use for the medium sized creatures. I really love it. It's Loops & Threads, which is a Michael's exclusive. And the yarn is called Charisma. It's SOOOO soft, and really nice to work with. If anyone's looking into purchasing one of my creatures, I would definitely suggest getting one of the medium ones. I'm also looking into getting some brighter colors of the yarn to make some medium sized dinosaurs.

So, I've been an Etsy addict lately. I've purchased quite a few things from there this past week. In my adventures of searching Etsy, I've found some necklaces that I've been really wanting. It's an octopus necklace that looks like this.
However, I couldn't quite rationalize the money, so I thought, I'll go to Michael's and look and see if they have a pendant like that to make one myself. Well, I couldn't find it, so I'll probably go ahead and purchase one. But, I did find these! I thought they were pretty awesome finds, plus, they were on clearance!

And last, but certainly not least, I found these!
My Michael's is re-doing most of their yarn section. I got really excited about it, because they now carry Stitch Nation yarn, along with a few others that they've never carried before. I thought the last time I was there it was all done, but it's not! They still have TONS more that they're doing. I can't wait to see it when it's all done!

I think these will be great for Christmas presents and stuff. :)
And I think that's all for today. I currently have an Au Jus Roast going in the Crock-pot, and today we'll be doing all the fun food shopping that I didn't get done during the week. :)



Okay, so I scoured the stores throughout Boise for an Octopus last summer before just resorting to buying that same necklace. Lol. I mean that very one from the same seller. Too funny. It is my favorite necklace too. And I would totally buy a medium bigfoot! I need one. Really, I do. The new apartment is limited in space so I am choosing just my favorite stuff to take and packing up the rest, and so a medium bogfoot would be the perfect solution in place of lots of little bigfoots. lol...I love my rationalization.

Nessa the Procrastinator

I'm totally getting a bigfoot for my upcoming great niece. :) I love your crocheted creatures! Gotta wait until payday. Grr! Anywho, congrats on your little garden! The older munchkin I nanny for and I are trying to grow basil and oregano. It's been fun for her!


Thanks so much for the great comments!
Alexz, I totally plan on getting the same necklace. I've seen other ones on Etsy, but they're just not as cute!! And that's wonderful rationalization! lol.
Nessa, thanks so much! My garden is growing, and it's really nice! I actually had a set of herbs before that I had to throw out. lol. I think this one is doing TONS better though! I have some wildflowers growing, but I don't think they're doing as well as the herbs. :)


The plants are looking very nice. Your chives look much better than mine. My chives are super wimpy right now.

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