Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trying out doing things for me. :)

Today was a VERY busy day for me. This morning consisted of lots of errands, and doing stuff around the apartment. I even sat down for a few moments to crochet.

I also posted new stuff in the store! I'm trying out all the medium creatures. So far, I got a Bigfoot and a dino in today, and there's still a yeti available. I also got some more colors today, so I can make even more colorful dinosaurs. :)

And seriously, these little guys are SOOOO soft! I'm keeping one of the medium Bigfoots for myself as well. :)
Also, I'm trying to work on a project for me. It's turning out to be MUCH MORE of a project than planned. Since I'm still bummed that I didn't get into the Coraline swap, I decided to start making my own Coraline. I'm using a pattern that I've used before, just changing up the colors to look like the Other Coraline. However, when I got done with the pattern, I started getting scared because I realized that there's a lot of hair I need to do. So, now I'm making a wig for her. I have a feeling that it's going to take me forever!!
And of course, after this I have to actually make the rest of her clothes. Geez....

And so, because this is taking me a lot longer than planned, feel free to email me to get my address in case you want to buy me this.I really have no problem at all if you want to buy it for me. :)
And, in other news, I decided to sign up for another Craftster swap yesterday, called The Woodland Creature swap. I'm super excited about it!!


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