Sunday, June 13, 2010

So sad that it's been so long!

So, I've been away for a while. I swear, I will try and post all kinds of stuff this week!
I was recently on a vacation. I only got 1 project done on the road. It's a hat for a bit warmer weather. It's more lacey looking, so that it can be worn other places. I understand that not everyone lives in Montana. lol.

I've been an Etsy addict lately as well, so I thought I would share some of my fun purchases!
First up is my necklace. I believe I told the story about this a while back. There's a store on Etsy, and Seth had purchased me a necklace from them for Valentine's Day. Actually, it just wasn't my style at all. It was really big, and just not me. So, after browsing around the store, I couldn't find anything else I wanted. The necklace has been sitting in a box in my desk. So, a couple weeks ago I found something I wanted! I emailed them, assuming that I wouldn't be able to return it so late. However, they had AMAZING communication, and they exchanged it quickly and easily! Now, I have an amazing necklace that I love. I even wore it to a BBQ last night and got tons of compliments. :)

The store this is from is Ghost Love Jewelry.

A while back, I found this store that sold these awesome little coffee sleeves. There were patterns and all kinds of fun stuff. They had a sale going on that ended that day at midnight, so I was quickly picking out my purchase. All shipping is free, which is also really awesome. It also came with a free button! And, the best part of this coffee sleeve, is that it just rolls up, and has a hook for your keychain!! Isn't that awesome?!

The shop is called Cup Kozy. I would also recommend checking out their Happy Planet Cup Kozy! $1 of the sales go to help planting trees!

The next one isn't exactly an Etsy purchase, just something I had to share. It's from BigFootSurplus. It's an amazing website with all Bigfoot stuff! Who can't love that?! So, I ordered a T-shirt and a keychain of a scaled down Bigfoot casting. I love them both. :)

And yes, that is a little Lego Indiana Jones that's hiding behind the Bigfoot. :)

And so now, I'm starting projects. I've started a project for my Woodland Creature swap, which I can't post pictures of, and I'll be starting on a few other projects. My mom has requested a couple things as well, so I'll definitely be working on those this week.
Also, since I haven't been all that crafty lately, I baked yesterday. I made a peach crunch cake. If anyone wants the recipe, let me know! It's delicious and can be made with ANY pie filling too! I've never been much of a chef, so when something comes out good, I'm always impressed with myself. lol. And so here it is, in all it's glory, next to my peach tea pot. :)

And, here are my sales finds lately. While on our vacation, we stopped by a Hobby Lobby. The closest Hobby Lobby to us is 3 hours away, so find them around is always an exciting thing for me. :)
However, I did find this amazing sale! Alpaca yarn, all for $1.67 a skein! I was going to keep all 4, but due to some recent circumstances (and my friend Jackie's amazing sale finds) I think i will be sending a couple of these off to New Jersey soon. I will be sad to see them go, but still plan something exciting for the other 2. :)

And this might be my favorite thing of the week. About a year ago, Seth and I found this AMAZING 1950's style table at the thrift store. It was in beautiful condition, and with all 4 chairs, also in amazing condition, it was only $50. It was a must have. So, we've been trying to do some things that are very 50's inspired for our table. I had mentioned while we were at a diner one day, that we needed a little silver napkin holder, like they have in diners. So, yesterday, while wandering around Salvation Army, I pick this up, and I'm immediately AMAZED that we've been talking about this lately, and I actually found one!! Now, we just need to find little napkins for it!

And so now, it's time for me to go finish some work on my swap package. I sent out the Cthulhu to Alexz yesterday. It was sad to see him go, which just means now I have to make one for myself. lol. I also sent off our Father's Day gifts to mine and Seth's dad's. I'm really excited about them receiving this week. :)
And, I'm also thinking about changing the look of my blog. I think I'll try that out today if I get bored. :)


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