Sunday, June 27, 2010

Work Work Work!!

Seth has been working overtime lately. it's actually be a lot of fun. We bring my laptop and movies and while he works, i crochet. We did that yesterday, where I completed 2 medium heads, one yeti and one bigfoot.
This morning Seth helped me stain all of the plaques I had left. I then nailed all the brackets to the back to hang them up. Then, we were off to work. I made SO MUCH while we were there! It's nice to have so much overtime since we will probably be looking for a new car soon. Plus, I did 2 Cthulhu heads, 2 zombies, and made about half of a yeti. I finished that up when we got home, then I went straight away to glueing them all. I'm so excited that I can start posting these in the store soon!!

This week will be spent with a lot of commission pieces that I'm working on.
And I'll be back tomorrow to post the fun stuff that I sent my swap partner in the Woodland Creature Swap!


Nessa the Procrastinator

Busy you!! I think I remember seeing those plaques in Michael's wood section for cheap. Might be worth checking out. I'll probably be there tomorrow so I can see what they cost here and if you want me to ship some up to you.


Yes, I've been crazy busy lately!
I buy my plaques at Michael's too. I was looking to see if I could find them maybe wholesale or in bulk for even cheaper, but I don't think I can. However, I only pay .57 for the small ones, and like .99 for the medium ones. But thank you anyway!! Plus, I know Alexz is mailing some out to me. I'm going to be full of plaques and mounts very soon! lol


Yes, and I am going to some thrift Idaho stores tomorrow to check for any more plaques just in case. One of the thrift stores there is INCREDIBLE and often has those types of things. Your zombie yeti is already in the box with the other plaques.And tell Seth to deal with it.:)


They are all so awesome! I think that the best hands down has to be the dragon head that you made for the Woodland swap though (the yeti's a very close second though! ;) )...

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