Friday, June 25, 2010

It's like Christmas in June!

Or at least it was for me! This was a wonderful day. I'm so excited to share everything. But, just a warning, there are TONS of photos coming up.
This was a rough week for me and Seth. On Tuesday, Seth was driving on the highway, and wrecked the car. Seth is fine (THANK GOD!) but the car is not. Looks like we'll be car shopping soon. However, if that didn't happen, this would have been a wonderful week all around. Seth got great news about his job, and today was really like Christmas for us.
This is seriously what my living room looks like right now. lol

My in-laws recently went to Scotland for 2 weeks. They stopped in London on their way there. So, today we got their wonderful package of souvenirs!
I got this amazing mug from Dunoon, Scotland, where they used to live! It came with some amazing teas that I will be trying out shortly.

And I also got a wool blanket, that is really soft and I love the colors. It's made from Scottish wool!

And we got some candies, chocolate and shortbread too. One of the bars of chocolate is already gone. And it was AMAZING, as Cadbury usually is. :)

And Seth also got a wool cardigan that I'm going to have to get a picture of. It's an awesome cardigan!!
Next up, I did a little personal swap with a fellow Craftster. We just made it a scrap swap and just filled a small flat rate box of supplies and whatnot. I got my package today! There was yarn, a pouch, wiggle eyes, feathers, and all kinds of fun buttons. Oh, and a sample of some bath salts that I can't wait to try. :)

Now, for my package from Alexz. I'm not even kidding, I was so excited last night that I could barely sleep. I was praying that it would get here today. It's even more amazing than I could have imagined!!!
I love this guy so much!! He's so cuddly, and he's sitting on my lap right now as I'm typing. He's awesome!!

This is a little extra that she picked up for me at the store. It's a magnetic address book! It goes great in my 50's kitchen!!

This is a bank that I'm in love with. The only issue, is that I don't know how I would be able to get the money out. lol. But, I don't even care, because it's the cutest bank I've seen in my life.

A little yeti!! She said she made him out of a sweater she found at a thrift store! Seriously Alexz, you need to open your Etsy shop already. This is too cute!!

I was thinking the other day how much I love the Cthulhu tote bag she made me. It's what I carry my laptop in whenever I take it anywhere. I love the bag so much. And I was thinking, "If Alexz made another tote bag for our swap, I could use one for my laptop, and one for my purse!" Yet again, she's clearly read my mind(we seriously have so much in common that it's scary!). And, a Bigfoot tote bag is PERFECT!!! This is DEFINITELY my new purse!!

I got awesome framed Cryptids!!! I know EXACTLY where these are going!

This might be my favorite thing!! I can't wait for Seth to come home so he can see this! Last Christmas, we did this photo for our Christmas card:

So, Alexz actually took that photo and turned us into zombies!! Seriously, how utterly amazing is this?!

Some extra fabric that I LOOOOVE. I'll have to make a coin pouch or something out of it. It's adorable.

And then, I had asked her to make me some backgrounds for my creatures. I wanted something fun to use, and thought maybe she could draw something up. She said that none of them were working out, so she did something else for me. These are AWESOME. First of all, they're made from old game boards, which makes them foldable and even better for storage. And then, there were all kinds of little extras to set up scenes for them! I love them so much, and can't wait to post things in my store with them. They turned out so great! Oh, and the fact that they're made from game boards, also makes them like personal little photo boxes. I think the light and everything works great for them!

WOW. That was exhausting posting all of those pictures! lol!
Thank you to everyone to make this an awesome day for me! I really needed it. :)


Nessa the Procrastinator

Wow, you totally got spoiled! What awesome stuff. :)


Yes, Alexz ALWAYS spoils me. I got some more from my in-laws, just didn't post all of it. It's always wonderful to get packages in the mail though. :)


wow what cool swap packages :D .

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