Monday, June 28, 2010

Even more packages!!

Today brought more wonderful surprises in the mail. I got my swap package for the woodland creature swap! It was really awesome. I'm so happy with everything. You can check out photos of what I made her here. She really loved everything, which was awesome to me. I always get worried about sending out swap packages, and once they reach their destination, I get nervous, and just really hope that they like everything.
In this case, I felt honored to even be her partner. In her survey, she specifically said that she didn't want ANYTHING that was crocheted. Then, she saw that I was in the swap as well, and actually asked the organizer if we could be partners, because she loved my creatures so much. So yes, I definitely felt honored. :)
This is the large I made her. This was my very first mount that I made too! I used April Draven's pattern for her dragon, and just made the head. It's mounted on a medium plaque that I stained myself as well.

I was so proud of how he turned out. I mentioned in the note that she can now tell people that she's a "dragon slayer' and she can prove it by the mount. :)
And now, everything I got in the swap!
I got a purse with an awesome squirrel embroidered on it! It's so cute!!

And a coin pouch with a cute little mirror that's decorated in polymer clay. I don't have a mirror for my purse, so this is just perfect!

These were the extras. She told me she really wanted to carve some stamps for me. I love that, because that's something that I can stamp onto a regular piece of paper and turn it into fun stationary. I really loved the idea. So, she hasn't been carving long, but I would have NEVER guessed. She must be one of those people that do everything perfectly the first time around. lol. I will be going to Michael's tomorrow morning to get ink and some fun paper to put these on, and I'm so excited to do that too! Look how ADORABLE these are!!

And I got a hook roll that matches the purse. It fits my hooks PERFECTLY, and even has little compartments for my scissors and stuff too. So cute!!

I was so lucky to have such an awesome partner in this swap. It was so much fun, and I got some AWESOME things from it.
So, now onto other fun things. In the basement of our apartment building, there's a couple apartments, and the laundry room. There is a door right across from the elevator, where people put things that they no longer want, but don't want to throw away. Kind of a thrift store, only free. lol. Every once in a while, there will be some good stuff there. We got our bookshelf from there, and a couple other things. So, yesterday we found these AWESOME mugs. It makes me want to see the rest of the set! The bottom of them says 1974, just in case anyone was wondering what decade they were from. lol!

And, I was really excited because I started setting some of my stuff up from Alexz. I put up al of the 4 cryptids right across from the front door, and they make me smile every time I walk into the house! lol. And then I put Bigfoot with the others, and the yeti. To be honest, Bigfoot is only posing there for the picture, because now he's right back on my lap, where he belongs.

As you can see, right above them is the zombiefied picture as well. :)
And something else I found really fun as well. My old background for my phone was quite boring. I was really tired of looking at it. So, I found out that I can actually email photos to my phone! So, I emailed a Cthulhu picture from Alexz, and made it my background. it now makes me so happy when I look at my phone!

So, that's all for today. I'm finishing up my last yeti head to mount, and then I'll be working on some commission pieces. :)



Okay, so I love this post! Your dragon head is just epic. I mean, really epic! And that is so cool that she requested you! She obviously has great taste. I am totally digging the bag and the stamps are too cute! I totally want those mugs. Like, badly. And then of course I think your shelf is pretty much awesome! They all look so good together! And I meant to tell you that is so cool that you put my cthulhu as your phone background!! I am honored to be on your phone. lol.

Nessa the Procrastinator

Awesome stuff! I love Alexz's creations. Your dragon head is also amazing! I must be old-fashioned because I'd just love a plain ole moose head. hahaha... :) Anyway, it looks like you got some great stuff from your partner!


thanks so much guys!!
My mom has requested a moose head already. lol. I love that there's so many options with the mounts. I have a feeling I"m going to be making these for quite some time!!


I love those mugs! It's so awesome that you have a 'free stuff' closet in your building. Now you don't have to look like a crazy person digging through the trash to collect trinkets.

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