Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Heart Nerds.

As some of you may know, I'm a bit of a geek. My husband and I enjoy staying at home and playing video games, or watching bad horror movies as I crochet. We're pretty much the epitome of nerds. There's nothing I love more than to see nerds come together to create even nerdier things.

One of the most popular ones, is Little Big Planet. I've never played the game, however, from the moment I saw the poster of the knitted Sack Boy, I was in love. He's quite possibly the cutest thing ever, and it's combining 2 uber nerdy things, like video games and knitting. There have been quite a few Sack Boy patterns floating around online, and after a request for one, I was so excited to get started. The request is for a custom one, so I had to make the original for myself. :)

That's the original sack boy if any of you have been living under a nerdy rock, and haven't seen him before. :)
And, here's mine! Sorry about the poor lighting, I took the pictures directly in the sunlight. I'm so glad I get to keep him too!

I used 2 different patterns for him. I made the arms from a separate pattern.
Also, for all of you other nerds out there, you should check out this game! I'm thinking about getting a Wii just for this game! lol. It's called Kirby's Epic Yarn!

Kirby's Epic Yarn Video Game, E3 2010: Debut Trailer | Game Trailers & Videos |

And this morning, I made this! I used this pattern and he was SUPER easy to make, and he's so cute!!

So, I hope you all do at least 1 nerdy thing today! I plan on crocheting. :)



Oh yes, crocheting is nerdy... At this town, where i life, crochet is nerdy. All people here think, crochet is only for grandmas. They do think wrong. Crochet is cool. ;o)

And for you - i crochet at the same time, we (my husband and i) watching bad horror movies. ;o) Wow, i´m a Nerd, too. =)

Both of your Sackboys are absolut cute. Very good job.

Have a beautiful nerdy day.

Many smiles and lovely greets,


I"m glad I'm not the only one! haha. I've learned that in the end, it's so much fun to be a nerd, and I think it truly brings out the kid in you. :)


Everyone should be a little child, than the life is funny and not so strong.

Come let us nerdy. ;o)


I heart nerds and I myself am a huge nerd/geek/freak. haha. And I love nerds like you that are also huge nerds/geeks/freaks and that will partake in crafting these things. I love the tiny one so much!


OMG i have no idea about video games but i love this sack boy!! hes so cute!
i like to crochet while my BF plays his video games, I watch and tell him what he missed or where i think he should go even though half the time I had no clue what's going on, haha! I crochet at lunch alot and it shocks alot of people, like Seelenfein said, they all think its something old ladies do! psssh!


I LOVE that there's other nerds out there like myself.
Crocheting has always been an old lady thing, so it's funny to see so many younger people crocheting. And I really don't enjoy making stuff like scarves and afghans at all. As long as there's a fun shape to it, I'll crochet any ami that I can!
And I must admit, I do love crocheting video game ami's as well. Sack boy was so much fun! I've done a lot of Mario related things, and today I even found some fun Zelda related ami's! I think I might have to make some of those next. :)


sackboy is soooo kool how u made him! i like ur other creations 2...can u teach me how to crochet like u do? i made a blogger jzt so that i was able to ask u :/ plzzz...i even posted a picture of sackboy in my blog because i like the way u made him..hope u dnt mind that i put him on there :/


Thanks so much for the compliments eliizuhhbeth! I have the pattern for the Sack Boy that I can give you if you would like. Do you crochet? There's a lot of very helpful websites and videos online that can help you with crocheting ami's. I can definitely help you out with that if you would like. :)


thank u sooooo much and i dnt noe how to crochet at all but i wood really like to learn how to..thats y i asked u(: and thx for the advice im guna buy a begginers kit and look at sum videos..and agen thx!!(:


o yea and i almost forgot yea i wood like the pattern for sackboy(:


Oh, no problem at all. YouTube has TONS of videos for crocheting to help you out too. :) I will post the link to SackBoy in just a minute. :)


This is the Sack Boy pattern I used.

However, I did use a different pattern for the arms. The arms are from this pattern:

The small sack boy was REALLY easy to make, and he's right here!
The only thing I changed on that pattern is instead of using felt for the zipper, I just used a regular zipper and glued it on. :)


I can't wait until you and Seth have a kid. Then you guys can enroll in a sociological study of the nature and nuture of nerdiness.

I've never heard of Sack Boy/Little Big Planet (I think it's a PS specific thing), but I am very excited about Kirby's Epic Yarn. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it and turn into a rainbow unicorn who survives on marshmallows and rays of happy sunshine.

Hobi Pasajı doesn't exist now. Can you share with me the pattern please?


I'm sorry, I didn't write down the pattern when I made it, I made the Sackboy directly from the website. I would suggest that you contact the owner of that blog and see if she can give you the pattern.

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