Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Long Time Coming...

Well, not really. In all reality, this has only taken me about a week.

I've been terribly spoiled by my amigurumi, and how I've really grown with it. The thing is, I love amigurumi. I love making things and seeing them take shape. It's really just wonderful to watch it as I create more. However, every once in a while, I come across an amazing yarn, and then I find the amazing pattern to make with the amazing yarn.

My amigurumi is all made with acrylic yarn. Every once in a while, I might throw in a wool detail, but for the most part, it's all acrylic. I don't like using some amazing expensive yarn on something that's not worn, it just doesn't feel right. So, as mentioned in my previous blog, I got some amazing yarn from my friend Jackie. Here's the story of my newest project:

I got 2 skeins of this amazing Soft Silk (50% Merino Wool, 50% Silk) about 2 months ago in the mail. I didn't know what to do with it, so it really just sat in my stash. A couple weeks ago, I decided that since my cold weather is coming up really quickly, why not use all of the awesome wearable yarns for some winter stuff for me?! So, I pulled out this truly amazing burgundy yarn. After, I found a pattern on Ravely for a hooded cowl. I had to make the amazing hood in the amazing burgundy.
After VERY QUICKLY using up the 2 skeins, Jackie was nice enough to drive the 2 hours into New York to buy me SIX MORE skeins of the yarn. She got it for me, and sent it immediately, so that I could actually quickly continue onto my project. Everyone say YAY FOR JACKIE!!

So, I set off, crocheting away on this hood. Now, again, I make more creatures than anything else, so I'm just not used to stuff like this. And, because I've been spoiled by making a creature in about 2 hours, when something takes DAYS, it's just taking too long for me. lol. I ran into so many problems. First off, I love the cable pattern. I've never done too many cables, but this I truly loved. I love that you can even crochet and even make it look like knitting. I ran into my first trouble when I seamed the hood up. One side would have made it way too big, so I actually had to turn it so where my head is, is actually supposed to be the bottom. lol.

When I got to the ribbing, this change really made it a bit more difficult. The cowl also was not going to work out for me, because of this change that I had made. I thought of some other ideas. At first I thought I would make it into a hooded mobius, but in the middle of making that, thought that maybe I should just turn it into a scoodie (a hooded scarf). I was dying last night, just wanting to get it done. I ended up setting it down and going to sleep and get a fresh mind in the morning.

This morning, as I picked it up, I thought, "Why can't I basically stop the scarf right here, and just bring it across to a big button, and make it a cowl again?!"
And so, after so much trouble and a HUGE pain in my elbow and hand last night, my hood is now complete! All in all, it was totally worth it, and I love it. I think I will try another one some day, but when I do, I will probably make my own pattern. The hood part was actually quite simple, so I definitely think I will use the same method when I make my own. :)


Nessa the Procrastinator

This is lovely and what an amazing friend you have to do that for you!!!


I love it! You did an awesome job tailoring the project to your desire.

Seriously, it should not have taken me 2 hours to get out to Smiley's. It's only 26 miles away! Oh well. As long as they carry fantastic yarn at rock bottom prices I'll keep going back. Remember, Soft Silk comes in 4 additional colors!


I am jealous! I want a hooded scarf so badly! It is so cute and the detail is amazing! And I want your shirt. Which I am sure you already knew I would.


Nessa: Yes, I do have an amazing friend to do that for me! However, I know that it was not a wasted trip, because she definitely got stuff for herself as well. lol!

Jackie: Thanks so much! You should totally get the knit pattern and try it out.

Alexz: Yes, I figured you would like the shirt. lol! And do you see all of your creations in the background? lol! I've seen a lot of "scoodies" before, but I like the pointed hood better. I'm definitely going to come up with my own pattern very soon. :)


That is so pretty!! I tried making a pair of fingerless gloves last year but got really fed up because I was trying to make this cable pattern on them that looked like an Owl. I had only been crocheting a few months so it was a little more difficult than I should have tried. This scoodie is so pretty!! That color is beautiful!! I might have to pull out that glove pattern again and give it a whirl, you've inspired me!


Ah, I've made those Jamie! I made them more difficult because I decided to change colors for the owl. I definitely suggest making them though! And there's a lot of YouTube videos for cables to help you out. :)


I'll definitely have to check out youtube, i'm a very visual learner, thanks!

Nessa the Procrastinator

RYC: Definitely sign up! What do you have to lose? This craft fair is 40 bucks for a table BUT it's for a school fund-raiser so the kids will benefit from my 40 bucks. Plus, because I'm aiming at young kids with what I make it's perfect. I'm sure people would LOVE your stuff! You'd probably be sold out before the first hour was up. :)

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