Thursday, September 2, 2010

New things happening

So, as usual, I've been busy. Actually, lately, I've been feeling especially busy.

First up, my store is really doing great! Last week I got my biggest order so far, and then just 2 days later the same thing! It's really feeling great. I love to see all the wonderful comments and feedback people leave me tell me that they're loving my creatures! It's always great to hear things like that. :)
And, with that being said, I have decided to try something new! I found these top hats on Etsy, and for some reason, I had to have them. Then, I had a grand plan to make a gentleman yeti, complete with mustache. However, the mustache didn't work as planned. Either way, I have a bunch of these top hats, and I definitely see so many more possibilities now! Either way, this guy is now up in my shop. :)

And, a couple weeks ago my husband and I were out thrift shopping, when I came across these little cowboy hats! I immediately picked them up. Hubby looked at me oddly and said, "Amy, what are you ever going to use those for?" To which I replied, "Ummm, cowboy yeti's! What else?! Duh!" And so, the cowboy yeti was born. I actually ordered some more of these online the other day because now I really want a bigfoot cowboy as well. lol

And now, onto my other stuff I've been working on. For starters, I have a few projects that I need to start on soon. I've been getting requests from friends, so I need to sit down and plan everything out for specifics. It looks like I'll have a couple weeks of projects ahead of me. Aside from that, I got a vision the other day.
I've been getting seriously into the Fall mood lately. The weather here has cooled off, and it's just gorgeous outside. Of course because of this I'm now getting sick, but I digress. So, the Halloween stuff in all the stores of course has just caught my eye. I decided that I wanted to also decorate for Halloween this year! I never do that, but I really want to for some reason. So, my big project right now is all focused on that. I went onto Ravelry and found this pattern. I'm not kidding, I fell in love. Not only is it one of the cutest things I think I've ever seen, but I immediately HAD to make it. After making it, I made another and he's on his way to Florida to be with my mom. I've decided that I will be making a wreath with all kinds of my crocheted creatures on it! This little guy is going to be the centerpiece of the wreath. I will hang it by my front door until someone decides to complain because it's related to the devil or something...whatever. It's going up outside my door either way. :)

He's freaking adorable, right?!
And then all of these little guys will be around the wreath. I got all of these patterns from the Lion Brand website, if you just go to patterns and then type in Halloween, they all come up. There's still more that I'm going to make, but I"m happy with these so far. :)

I think the mummy may be my favorite, although I really love them all!!
Well, that's all for now. I have to stain some plaques because I have some Halloween mounted heads coming soon!!



AAHHH!! this whole post is amazing!! i LOVE, seriously LOVE the little top hats and cowboy hats, they are far too adorable!!
AND I'm glad to here you are going to decorate for Halloween!! Halloween is my favorite holiday, has been since I was a little kid and we've always decorated our apartments. This is the first year I'm living on my own and I can not wait to be able to do whatever I want!! I actually have to talk to my neighbors and make sure it's ok if I put stuff on the porch we share, LOL The mummy is fabulous!


Thanks so much!!!
Yea, I've never really decorated much, but even a little wreath outside of my door with all my creatures on it is good enough for me! Other people have wreaths outside of their door, and the building manager loves me, so I don't think it's going to be an issue. :)
I'm very excited about it though. I check Michael's all the time to see if they've received new Halloween stuff. lol. That's actually one of my errands today! haha


I LOVE the top hat! So cute.
Your pumpkin came out great, working on that one myself!


Love all of the Halloween stuff! Great work!

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