Monday, September 6, 2010

Not much....

I don't have too much to update on, I just really wanted to give a quick update.

I've have (and let's face it, Montana has) jumped full into Fall. I've been loving it so much. The cold weather is so refreshing and just puts me in a better mood. It looks like the highest it's going to get this week is 67! Today my hubby and I did some fun cosmetic stuff around the house. We put screens in the windows and have had them open all day. :)
So, due to the wonderful Fall weather, this has also transferred into my crafting, of course! haha This is my newest head up in the shop! And don't worry, there's plenty more Halloween heads coming VERY soon!

Now, I have a pretty long to-do list. This, combined with my still going sales (YAY!) I've been really busy lately! I've sent out some emails for some clarification on commission pieces, and my goal is to have them all done in 2 weeks! Please wish me luck! haha. I've been noticing that a lot of people have been requesting/ordering stuff for Christmas already too! Looks like I really have to get some more things stocked for that very soon!
I hope everyone's had a great Labor Day weekend! I will be back in a few days. I sent off a gift for a close friend, and as soon as she receives it, I can post pictures. It's very exciting and I will be DEFINITELY making more very soon!

P.S. Thoughts on my new look here? I always have a hard time trying to pick backgrounds. lol. Any ideas if you don't like it? Also, I would LOVE a fun banner for my page. Any suggestions on that? Anyone want to volunteer to make me a super fun one? lol



A. I love frankenstein!! and can not wait to see what other halloween items you make!
2. I already have my christmas list of things to make other people, haha!! Nothing like an early start, and as a natural born procrastinator it's totally necessary LOL
C. I love the new background! I made my own banner on it was pretty easy but if you want something fancy, I'm no help!

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