Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Etsy SNUB?!

The day has come where I have actually been snubbed by an Etsian. I must say, I am APPALLED! Here's the story:
I have been on a hunt for a cute wristlet. What better place to find one than Etsy, right?! So, I go to one of my favorite sellers.
**For my own personal reasons, I will not name the seller here.**
So, I go to my trusted seller. This seller is considered trusted, in my opinion, because I've ordered a few things from her, and I really like her work. I feel that she's very professional and her stuff is well made. But then I notice, *GASP!* she doesn't have her wristlets in her store right now! So, I figured, after searching around Etsy and finally just wanting one of her wristlets, I convo her. So, I did.....TWO WEEKS AGO!
Now, some of you may say something like, "Amy, give her a break, maybe she's out of town, maybe there's something wrong."
Now, if something was wrong, I would understand. However, instead of having her respond to me, VERY willing to hand her over my money for her goods, she decides to ignore me. How do I know this? Because I follow her blog....EVERY....DAY....and every day, there's a new post. AND, she's been COMPLETELY re-doing her store lately. So, basically, I feel like I got an Etsy snub.
However, this will not discourage me! I have another seller that I plan on ordering my wristlet from, someone that I also trust, and someone who has them on hand in their store, so hopefully there will be no snubs. :)

So, here is my quick tribute to my new awesome Etsy experiences!!
xo Greetings
I just ordered something from her shop recently! The shipping was fast, and I love my notecards! Writing letters is a lost art, which is so sad. Next time you want to write a letter, you should consider buying some notecards here. I would recommend this ADORABLE pear note card.

Ah, the awesome KapomCrafts!
So, on the hunt for a fun case for my iphone, I stumbled upon this awesome little shop. Affordable, quick shipping and cute stuff! This is the case I got, and I opted for the optional wristlet in the same fabric. It clips onto my strap of my purse so my phone isn't just rolling around and getting scratched in my purse, and I can easily find it if it rings. I definitely think you should go check them out!

Sealed With a Kiss jewelry
I will admit that I've been going a bit crazy in this shop lately! She's got some SUPER awesome stuff in there (yes, I even ordered a few things tonight. lol!) and super well made and really quick shipping. Also, if you become a fan on their Facebook page, she has daily deals for her stuff for CHEAP!!! Go now!
I think this is my favorite piece in there right now.

That's all for right now. I feel better now that I've ranted for a bit. Now, I think I'll buy my wristlet from a RELIABLE seller. :)


Nessa the Procrastinator

Awww... I'm sorry you got snubbed! Those shops look adorable. :)


Eww that's so not cool. Even if she is changing things around in her shop she could have quickly responded to let you know that she is no longer making them or able to make one for you right now!


I love xo Greetings! I ordered several thank you cards from her - she was quick and really unique with her design.

Etsy is a great place, but I have gotten burned more than once. Good sellers spread through word of mouth. I will try Sealed with a Kiss


well, foo on them! That's such a shame. And you were totally ready to give them your cash, too. It's such a bummer when things like that happen. I'm glad you have another seller you're good with though! And yay for all that cute stuff you showed us!

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