Friday, June 3, 2011

Imitation is the best form of flattery?

I will go ahead and post some of my newest projects before going onto my rant that I feel I need to get out of the way.

These are a few things that I'm going to start making for the store! I've been totally bogged down lately with custom orders, and quite a few that I can't show, but I was able to make a few quick patterns for new stuff for the shop. :)
I know we all have come to love and become addicted to Angry Birds. If not, then you must be living under a rock! I can't wait to make more of these and put them in the shop!

And now, here is my rant.
First and foremost, I would like to 100% thank every one of my followers and my Facebook fans. You guys seriously make my day. I look forward to any blog comments, or picture or post comments on Facebook. Because of you, my rant coming up, isn't so hard to deal with. I posted something briefly on Facebook and the outpouring of comments seriously just made my day.

Lately, I've been finding copycats.
This has been devastating to say the least. The newest one I found today on Etsy, selling things INCREDIBLY similar to mine, for cheaper.
I also happen to know that both of these recent copycats are on Craftster. Sadly, because of this, I've decided to no longer post my crafts on Craftster.
It's a truly sad day when creativity is gone, and has turned to stealing.

And so, this is what I have to say to all of that.
#1. I understand that I do charge more for my items. My mini's are about $25 plus shipping and handling. I would like to take a minute to explain why. I don't think I ever have, and I would like to explain the amount of work that goes into this.
The basic head, body and arms on my mini's takes me AT LEAST 2 hours to make. This doesn't include any color changing. Hair will take at least 1-2 hours as well. I make wigs for every one of my mini's that has hair, and each strand of yarn is individually threaded through a wig cap. Any accessories on them (skirt, jacket, etc.) takes even more time. This is all time, not even mentioning the amount of money spent on yarn and safety eyes and/or felt for any accessories. I do charge more, but I promise, I put my heart and soul into them. Most of the time, it's really hard to part with my creations because I kind of grow a bond. lol.
#2. In the time I spend actually crocheting everything, I want you to know that I put EXTRA CAREFUL time into sewing any and all parts onto my mini's. If I'm making something that I know is for a child, I make sure that everything is good and sturdy. I've been told that my stuff can easily go in and out of a washing machine due to children's wear and tear. I loved hearing that knowing that what I make is safe for children!
#3. I genuinely love what I do. I love sitting down and being creative, writing notes and drawing doodles for next projects. I love the mistakes made when writing patterns, and I love even more when I finally feel that I've perfected a pattern. I love making stuff that will make someone out there smile. I love the thought of my art being in people's houses, being conversation starters or just being there to make someone smile. I am 100% serious when I say that I LOVE to crochet.

And so, to anyone out there that has decided to put their own "spin" on one of my creations, I DARE YOU to be able to proudly stand up and say all of those things. I am PROUD of my work, and I'm proud of MY OWN CREATIONS! I'm proud to have some of the best followers ever, and proud to say that I've made so many friends through Craftster and my blog. If you think you can do it better, then go for it. Want to know why? Because while you try and imitate my work, I'm going to be here, having fun, and hopefully still making stuff to put a smile on someone's face, somewhere in the world.
After all, you know what they say, "Imitation is the best form of flattery."



good on you
yes as you say imitation is a CHEAP form of flattery
but it must hurt that someone else is trying to cash in on all your hard work and time
shame on them and etsy for allowing them to sell
i do admire you for carrying on even though you probably don't feel like it
you will have plenty of support out there


Unfortunately you are not the first person I have heard say similar things. IT is so sad that you have to stop posting because people can not see that stealing someones ideas for creative works is just that stealing. I'm sorry this is happening for you though. :(


I am so disappointed to hear that 2 of these people are from Craftster =( It is such a shame that people actually have the balls to blatantly copy you and then sell them!! Kudos to you for making your stand!

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