Monday, June 13, 2011

New things!

I finally have projects that I can post! I have a lot, so I'm going to probably overwhelm you with some pictures. Enjoy. :)

So, this was a TOTALLY FUN project! See, I have this SUPER awesome and huge jewelry box. Alexz made it for me and I just love it dearly. My problem is that I have WAY too many earrings and they get bunched up. So, after looking online, I found this pattern to make my own! I used sock yarn that I've had FOREVER, so it was put to good use. I cut out a few rows which I'm ok with, and instead of a stick to hang it by, that's right, that's a knitting needle. :)

I love it! It's hung right above my jewelry box (and my chupacabra). :)
And this project was SO MUCH FUN!
In case you don't know, or read my blog much, or live under a rock, you should know I have this super awesome BFF, Alexz. Well, her birthday is the end of this week, and I wanted to make her something epic. I thought of some fun things (she's into Doctor Who now! Yay!) and just couldn't think of anything that really stuck out to me. So, I thought, what better idea than to let her pick out her own gift! So, I directed her to Etsy (as if she didn't know that it existed for patterns! lol!) and told her to pick out ANYTHING she wanted and I would make it for her! I must admit, I was a bit surprised when she sent me this pattern. I was expecting something like Alice or the Mad Hatter, but no, a penguin. I knew that couldn't be it, I mean, I know this girl and she DOESN'T want a simple penguin!
So, her one request, ZOMBIFY IT!!! DONE AND DONE!!
I couldn't wait to get started, and I didn't wait. I must admit, I don't want to part with him now!

He's complete with stitches, a head wound, blood and a bone. :)
I did make her something else EPIC, but it's the one thing in the package that's a total surprise! haha.

And just a quite update, here's my Doctor Who scarf! It's currently about 35 inches long and it's about 1/4 of the way through to the full 16 feet! haha!

That's it for now! I hope everyone has a good night! I must go work on some more projects now. :)


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