Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I really wanted to get a new post in and just share a few things.
First and foremost, WELCOME to all my new followers! It's great to have you here!

#1. I swear I'm not abandoning you!!! Since going back to work, things are more busy than I expected them to be. I really am enjoying it though! I have a giant office (I'll post pictures as I decorate!) and everyone there is SUPER nice! All in all, so far, it's a really wonderful job!

#2. I've been working on swap stuff! I can't show any of it yet, but I'm seriously TOTALLY excited to show it off SOON!

#3. Since getting my first paycheck, I was at Joann's and they had Ott Lite's on sale. I swear, I have been wanting an Ott Lite for so long, and when I was there and I saw the 40% off sign, it was MINE! Also, I love this and I'm now seriously considering getting one for my office. This one has a craft caddy with it, which is perfect for my pens and pencils, little Ginghers and my row counter. Oh, and don't forget Coraline! She fits perfectly in there!
So, if you've been contemplating an Ott Lite, DO IT! There's TONS of sales on them all the time, and it's definitely worth it.

#4. Mug rugs. I'm officially obsessed. I want to find as many fat quarters as possible and make a trillion of these. So for this one, I finally broke into my Elvis fabric that I've been hoarding. My mom sent me 2 different kinds of Elvis fabrics a LONG time ago, and they've been sitting in my craft closet ever since, just waiting for that perfect project. Now, I still have tons of the fabric (suggestions are welcome!) and I think I might make at least 1 mug rug out of it and put it in my store. What do you guys think?
I had to use the bigger print for the back, but I seriously love this!

#5. I've REALLY enjoyed dressing up for work lately. I've been wearing my pj's for far too long, and dressing up in business attire and skirts just makes me feel good about myself! I've really loved it! Another thing I love is finding fun and different ways to do my hair. When I found this pattern on Craftster, I knew I had to make myself some headbands! I whipped these guys up last night in no time. I will definitely be putting them on some headbands for myself. They're also small enough that you could put them on a baby headband! Aren't they adorable?!

And that's all for now! I will definitely be back to share some more stuff very soon, but I thought that would be enough for 1 post. haha


Nessa the Procrastinator

Sounds like things are going well for you! JoAnn's is killing me with all the awesome deals!


I agree getting dressed up is nice! I work in the food industry so I have to wear a uniform and it stinks. Most days I'm either wearing my uniform or my sweats, but lately, I've taken the time to get dressed up and I like it!

I have seen the Ott lites at Joanns you mostly use them for fine-crafty work? like beading or sewing?

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