Friday, March 11, 2011

Etsy Favorites

Anyone else out there as addicted to Etsy as I am? I thought I would share some of my very favorites that I've found lately!

Found here.
This is all jewelry made from real four leaf clovers. How awesome is that?!

Found here.
I just love reusable coffee sleeves. This is one I just might HAVE to have! Extra bonus, it's my newest swap partner on Craftster!

Found here.
Could this ring be any cuter?!

Found here.
She makes the cutest little plush! How adorable is this bat?! ::Note to self:MUST. BUY. BAT!::::

Found here.
Ok, this shirt I actually do own. For the record, I have it in orange, and it's my new favorite shirt. It fits SO WELL and it's so incredibly soft!!!

I decided to do an Etsy post for a few reasons.
#1. I believe everyone should spend some time just window shopping around Etsy. The amount of talent on the site is really just unbelievable.
#2. I have so much respect for every one of those artists. I love people that make and buy handmade. It's really amazing to just be able to go to a website and pick out a gift for someone and know that there's love put into it and that it's unique.
#3. I TOTALLY forgot until today, I just had my 1 year Etsy anniversary!
I want to thank everyone that follows my blog, and for all of the blogs I follow, because it's people like you that give me the inspiration. I've so enjoyed this past year on Etsy. For any of you just starting out, just wait, it'll take off! I remember it took me months to make my first sale, and now I'm doing custom orders on a regular basis. I enjoy it so much. I love that people have come to my store for something special and that I can provide a unique gift for them. This whole experience has been wonderful!
And so, I just decided, that today, in celebration of my Etsy anniversary, I will go buy an item on Etsy that will be a sellers first sale, because we all know how great the feeling is when you get your first sale. :)
I hope that I have inspired some of you out there like you all have inspired me!!!


Nessa the Procrastinator

Love your picks! Very cute. Thanks for this post. After following Regretsy and the great Glamour/Chinese reseller debacle, I kind of lost my interest in etsy. I forget that every website has crap and it's usually few and far between. You're a wonderful crafter and of COURSE people love your stuff! It's so cute. :)


I've been lurking around for awhile, mostly from FB...but I just wanna say this post was really inspirational, an' I love it. I just started selling dolls on ArtFire, an' sometimes it seems like this was a terrible idea. But stuff like this picks me up, so thanks so much. <3


You're one of my "Stylish Blog" award-winners!

Feel free to play along, otherwise, just know that I think your blog is awesome! :D

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