Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, I thought I would share some fun pictures of my apartment today. Alexz recently posted a bunch of pictures of her new apartment, and I was so happy to see the response she got when she posted the picture of all of the heads on her wall! I've been collecting as well. Also, these are all mine! haha. These are usually the first ones that I've made of certain styles, so I haven't actually put them in the store. My Jackalope is different from a lot of others, and in general, I usually revise patterns after making the first one. Plus, they're cute and I wanted to keep them. lol!

This is all in my dining room, where Seth and I spend most of our time. I've officially set up shop on my dining room table with all of my crafts, and there's a huge window in here, so it makes for nice lighting as well. :)

And of course the bear head is right next to all of them. haha. It looks so silly since the rest are all so tiny!

And this is my desk. It's a lot of stuff that Alexz has given me, and it's a lot of my cryptids as well.

And, that's really all for today. I've been working on a lot lately, but it's all for a swap, so I can't share it. I'm excited to finally share it all though! And today I'll be staining a lot of plaques. I have a Captain Kirk that's ready to be attached to the plaque to match the Spock. So, I"m off to do that!
Oh, and there's a couple new heads up in the shop!



i seriously love the heads on plaques!! your cryptids are so awesome too!

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