Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Fall is blooming everywhere here. Is it where you are living? The weather has been so beautiful. We have a wonderful park just about across the street. Seth and I took a walk there and took these pictures to really show people what our Fall is like here. It's short, which is why it's really important to take pictures quickly. haha

And, as promised, here's the awesome things that I've been working on! First up is a couple things for a Halloween swap that I'm doing with Alexz. As you should know by now, Alexz and I are swap BFF's. :)

I made this banner for our swap. It's all Halloween colors: black, orange and purple. I started making the triangles, and they were so incredibly fun to make, and before I knew it I had A LOT! haha. So, it's a big banner, but I think that's ok. I'm definitely going to make another one for a valance for my kitchen window. It was a super quick project, and turned out really fun!!
Pattern can be found here.

This is something else I made for her for our swap. Personally, I think this is seriously adorable. And I have other ideas for little hats to put on headbands that I'm going to also make her, but this is the only picture I'm posting. Muahahahaha!!! ;)

Geez, I still have more to share! See, I've been crazy busy! And this next one was a personal request. She wanted a Boston Terrier, so, I made her a Boston Terrier! Also on her request is my current project, a mummy. And to be honest, I have a feeling that he's going to be SUPER cute and I won't want to give him up. We'll see. :)

And, that's all for now! Today I'm working on the mummy, and I'm going to work on finishing up Sam Hain as well. Hope everything is having a great week so far!



Oh my gosh!! Can I say I LOVE the banner! And the headband!! I wear hedbands every flippin' day and I need it now!!! I love it! The doggie is so cute! I wanna see the mummy!!!

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