Monday, October 18, 2010


I really feel like I'm accomplishing A LOT lately. It's a great feeling!

First of all, since it's DEFINITELY that time of the year, my hats are back up in the store! I've taken new pictures of them, so at least it looks prettier. haha

And now, what I've been doing lately! This weekend I actually accomplished a lot more than I expected. I had a personal request that I got done really quickly, I've packed up a few packages and orders to go to the post office, and I'm ALMOST done with my awesome Halloween swap with Alexz!

She requested a while back that I make her a plague doctor. If you don't know what it is, you can read about it here and here. After reading up on it myself (because to be honest, I didn't know what it was either!) I quickly became fascinated by it. It's pretty cool to see what each piece of the costume was for, and their odd logic behind all of it. lol. So, when we agreed to do a Halloween swap, what more perfect thing to make, than a plague doctor?!
He's mostly my own pattern. By mostly, I mean it's all my pattern, except for the body, which is the mini free spirit pattern. So, here he is. :)

And, just a little teaser photo for Alexz of what I have so far to pack up to send to her. :)

Now I'm off to start a couple sewing projects for our swap as well. I hope everyone else's weather is as beautiful as ours is today!



AAAHHH!!! I am sooooooooo excited! The Plague Doctor could not be any cooler! Seriously! LOVE IT!! And everything is just so amazing. I am going to be sitting at the doorstep waiting for it. lol.

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