Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting stuff done!

And I'm so proud of myself for it! I'm also feeling a bit of pressure right now for my Halloween swap, which is a great thing because that means I will get stuff done faster!

I finished this guy up last night. He's from the movie Trick R' Treat and his name is Sam Hain. After I finished him last night, Seth turned to me and said, "You're not mailing that to Alexz, are you?" So now I have to make another one for him. lol. I got the pattern for free from Ravelry. I really love how he turned out though! He's really cute, and the pattern was really great!

This next project was a custom request from a friend. She loves mummy movies, and wanted a big one to sit in a chair of hers. He was SO MUCH FUN to make. I wrote down the pattern as I went, which I'm happy for because I will probably be making one for myself. He's made of all acrylic bulky yarn, but it's some of the softest yarn EVER, so he's really cuddly too. I'm going to miss him when he goes to his new home!

AND, I got a package today that really made my day better! I have a thing in my signature on Craftster telling people that I have way too much yarn, and if anyone wants to do a personal swap for some, just to contact me. So, about a week or two ago I got a PM from a fellow Craftster. She needed yarn, and I had it. So, she makes jewelry and wanted to swap for that. I got my package today and she SPOILED me! I absolutely love everything.
It all came in this beautiful little Halloween jewelry box, which I will be using all the time!

And this is everything in it. I just love everything!



Now I've got a few questions for you :) What's the URL for the scarecrow pattern? I totally want to make one. Then again I guess I could just search it LoL!
Next, your mummy is awesome! Great work!
Now, who did you swap with? Her jewelry is way cute and so is the box she made! Does she have a shop? Okay, now I'm done LoL!


Do you mean the Sam Hain pattern? There's a PDF from Ravelry. You can just type in Sam Hain on Ravelry and he'll come up. :)
And she does have a shop, but it's on vacation right now. But I'm sure she would love anyone that was interested!
I highly recommend it, because I think her stuff is just awesome. :)


Sam Hain is sooooooo cute! I am so excited for it! I was going to watch Trick 'r Treat this weekend but I must wait to watch it with him. haha. 24 going on 5. And like I said, that mummy needs to come home with me!! I love it!!

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