Thursday, December 2, 2010


I'm so glad that today I have LOTS to share with you! I feel like all of this hard work that I've been putting out lately has really paid off. I still have things on my list to make, but I have done SO MUCH the past few days.

First up, is a collection of headbands that I made for my niece, Helen. I was told that now that her hair is getting long, she's really into hair accessories. These were A LOT of fun to make, and I do plan on making more for myself!

A bunch of little flowers!

I think this little bow one might be my favorite. I can see a whole bunch of these entering into my wardrobe very soon! A different color on each, one to match every outfit!

I do love this little cupcake too!

Picture is kind of dark, but it's a little bird.

Next is what I made for Helen's brother, Simon. It's a Bombomb from Mario! His pattern can be found here, but I made him bigger, using a bigger hook and bigger yarn. He's also slightly weighted just a little bit so that he can sit up.

This, might be the cutest pattern that I've ever found. You know those little booklets by the yarn section in the craft store that have just a few patterns? Well, my favorite yarn ever, Impecciable Loops and Threads, put out a Christmas book! This pattern was in it. It's a wine bottle topper called "Santa's Stuck". LOL! It might be a little hard to see, but those are boots coming out of the chimney.
This is also pictured on a bottle of wine that my father-in-law brought me. It's a blackberry wine that he made. :)

I've only made 1 of them so far, but I plan on making a few more to give people before Christmas.

AND....last, but CERTAINLY not least, my snowman is complete! Sadly, he's not mine, but is going to my Etsy customer. I was told yesterday by her that her boss is a big hunter, and so she thought it would be funny to put this on her office door! How funny is that?! I completed his top hat this morning, and he is currently drying and then will be sent off to his new home. :)

And as you can see from yesterdays post, he is massive. The plaque that he is on is 11x17 inches. He's huge, and, if I do say so myself, pretty awesome. :)
I hope everyone else is having a blast as well making all of their Christmas gifts! My dining room table is a M-E-S-S from everything I have made and supplies. It's been a lot of fun though, and I think next year I will start a bit earlier in the year. haha!


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