Friday, December 31, 2010

Too Long!

It really has been too long since I've updated my blog! This is just going to be a quick post until I can actually post more when I'm not so tired.
Also, my Etsy shop is open again! AND, February 27th is my one year anniversary of my shop! Exciting, right?!
My holiday was wonderful. However, the traveling was NOT. I don't even want to go into all of the details of it, but I ended up in Denver, where I was never supposed to stop. However, Seth was there, which made it MUCH better. And then, we were stuck there for 2 days. We can definitely say that we're happy to be home.
We spent today unpacking, which reminded me of all of my awesome gifts. Here's a few of my favorites. :)

I mentioned to my Mom a long time ago that I really like this purse! And I got it! Definitely one of my new favorite purses!

Found here
And originally seen on Crafty Awesomeness. She totally gets credit for pointing it out on her blog. :)

Seth and I decided that we weren't going to give gifts because we spent a lot of money on tickets down to Florida. However, Seth actually surprised me (which was ok, because I surprised him too. ha!) and got me this! And he got me the pink one. :)

Found here.

This was another thing that I asked my parents for. I have had SO MUCH FUN with this camera! I can't wait to get all the pictures developed! It's a fisheye camera. It takes normal 35mm film so it'll be easy to be developed here.

Found here.

That's all I'm going to share for now. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and a wonderful new year!
I'm glad to be home, so I'm going to relax some more. Did anyone else have travel issues this holiday season?
I feel that I can never fly without issues. lol!



Haha! Soon as I saw that purse I said "Oh man, why didn't I ask for that?!" I'm so jealous you got it!!


I can't wait to see the fisheye madness.

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