Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Continuation of a Homemade Christmas

Just a couple things I forgot to put in my last post!
In case you can't tell, I was pretty spoiled this year for Christmas. :)

This isn't homemade, but it's from my favorite crafting site, Craftster!
They recently re-did their store, and included a lot of new things on Spreadshirt. I got the skull and crochet hooks, and I got the zip-up hoodie AND the matching sweat pants!

This is definitely my new favorite hoodie too. I pretty much just take it off to sleep. lol
If any of you out there are also big fans of Craftster, I would definitely recommend anything from their store. I own quite a few things, and they're all definitely worth it! You can find their Spreadshirt page here.

And I totally forgot to mention this as well the other day!
My great friend Jackie is an avid knitter. She hasn't been knitting all that long, but she's AMAZING. Well, after I found a pattern on Ravelry for some gloves I wanted, I immediately sent it over to her. I just don't trust myself as much with knitting something like that. Well, she made me one for Christmas!
Yes, that's right, just one. lol! She couldn't get the other one done in time.
Does anyone recognize where these gloves are from?

P.S. I'm actually wearing my hoodie in the picture.

CORALINE! They're the Coraline gloves! Isn't it awesome?! I am now impatiently waiting for the other one, and hopefully it will be here soon so I can use it in this weather. :)



Maybe you'll get the other glove for your birthday?? Hehehe It looks great! And I love the Craftster gear you got! I've been contemplating getting myself a t-shirt, I love love love Craftster!


OMG I am sooo jealous of your Craftster swag!! I asked for one of the cardigans, the sweatpants and the pullover hoodie...all with either crochet hooks or the scissors for Christmas. I didn't get any (I can't complain though bc I was totally spoiled this year too) but I am definitely planning on buying them on my own soon!


Unfortunately, my birthday was in the beginning of December. LOL! And I must say, I got the skull and crochet hooks tshirt a long time ago, and it is seriously the most comfy shirt I own! The fabric is amazing! I did get the I Love Handmade shirt as well, and it's not the same material, but still REALLY well made! I love Craftster!

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