Friday, January 21, 2011

Danny Trejo

This is another one of the super fun requests I got from someone.

All based off of this photo:

And here he is! He was a lot of fun to make. :)

Check out his muscles!

And, here's a couple things that I'm going to be working on coming up:
#1. I've been knitting like crazy lately! I've made a couple hats that I will be working on taking pictures of very soon. I need to have a good hair day to really do that. lol.

#2. I have a list of things that I will be making for swaps and requests and stuff. I'm starting to work on those now.

#3. I've been working hard lately at actually getting a job. As much as I would love for my Etsy store to really take off, it hasn't yet. But don't fret, because this doesn't mean that my store will close, it just means I'll be even busier than normal. :)

#4. I'm working on getting a sale going in my store VERY soon! Look for that update coming up.

#5. A giveaway is still in the works. I know I've talked about it before, but it's going to be a pretty huge giveaway, so it's taking me a while to really work on it.

I hope you check back soon and hopefully most of that list will be complete! haha!


Ark's Endeavors

That's soooo awesome!!! I need to get back into crochet, but I don't think I could ever make things like you do.
Can't wait to see the hats!


OMG I had no idea what that guys name was, this is so awesome!!! I can't wait to see what you've been knitting, I actually tried to knit before crocheting again but I just don't have the coordination for 2 needles vs. 1 hook!

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