Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pay it Forward

A long time ago on Etsy, I discovered the pay it forward posts.
I told myself that when I got onto Etsy, I would also help out with this.

Have you seen them? They're really amazing. I plan on going tonight and buying some PIF's!

And, to celebrate my almost year on Etsy, and to help out with my PIF's, I will be basically having a huge destash sale. Look for a post tomorrow here to learn more about it!
I basically have A LOT of things that I've made and never used, so I plan on destashing all of that! This includes hats, cowls, ami's and some brand new vintage button bracelets that I've been making.
Basically, most people that post the Pay it Forwards make them the .20 that it is to list an item on Etsy. Mine won't be quite that cheap, but it will be A LOT less than what I would normally mark them.
This will all start tomorrow for a couple reasons.
#1. I want GOOD KARMA for my job hunting lately.
#2. I really want to get my stuff out there, and for other people to pay it forward!
#3. We've been getting a good amount of snow today (the first in weeks!) and so staying in and posting things on Etsy sounds like a great Sunday to me!

I'll talk to you all tomorrow!


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