Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Winter!

Winter has officially struck Montana. Our first snow this year came in the form of a huge snow storm. It's been crazy!

Seth has also been gone this whole week. I've been busy getting ready for the in-laws, along with working on some Christmas presents and stuff. It's been hectic, and I don't have much to show because it's mostly Christmas presents! haha.
However, I did take a lovely walk yesterday after it stopped snowing. I had to go to the post office, and THANK GOD it's only 2 blocks away and I can drive in it. I'm a Florida girl, so I haven't quite perfected the art of driving in the snow. But here's some wonderful pictures from our park and from around the apartment. :)

Our car looks like a square snowball!

This is the road right next to our park. You might be confused, because you don't see a road, but trust me, it's there...just somewhere under the snow.

This tree just reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. haha!

That's all for now! I have to continue cleaning with what few cleaning supplies I have. This morning I sat and had breakfast and coffee, then got ready to brave the roads FINALLY to get cleaning supplies. I looked out the window as I was leaving, and was glad that it wasn't snowing so I could run my errands! Of course as soon as I step outside, it starts snowing again. So, I'm back, to clean with the stuff I have. haha.
Is anyone else seeing Winter yet in their area? It looks like we'll be getting snow pretty much all this and next week. I think the highest it gets is around 20 degrees on the warm days! haha



OMG I am sooo not ready for the snow!! This will be my first year living with on-street parking and a landlord who doesn't plow and shovel my stairs and walkway! (I've lived in apartment complexs almost my whole life). My bf just bought me a snow shovel, ugh!!
The pictures are beautiful tho =)


On-street parking is better, in my opinion. However, last winter, we lived on a busy street, and it was always plowed. Since we've moved, it's not plowed. It's not fun at all! But it's really nice in my apartment so I normally wouldn't mind it. :)

Nessa the Procrastinator

I HATE SNOW! There, I said it. It doesn't snow much here in Albuquerque but we're basically stuck here for the winter as driving to anywhere else means driving through snow. I don't envy you! :)


I cannot drive AT ALL in snow, and I am an Oregon/Idaho girl. This is not normal. lol. But I do love the way it looks. I am hoping for snow in December but not yet! Kevin is going to have to drive me to and from work though. Poor guy, but these are his husbandly duties now, right?? :D

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