Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shawl for Jackie!

This week has been a blur to me.
Seth was gone all week, and was actually home a day later than planned because of plane issues. In addition to that, our snow storm dumped tons of snow all over the city, all week. It doesn't look like it's going to warm up soon, either.
And, next week the in-laws are coming to visit.

However, I do have a project that I can share with you!
This is a shawl that I made for my good friend, Jackie.
Jackie and I have bonded over the past year. Neither of us are very mushy or sentimental people, but I feel that I will be, just for this post. :)
Jackie started knitting about a year ago. It was something we definitely bonded over. Since we've become close, we talk pretty much every day on the phone, usually for hours at a time. It has become my way to break up the day, and to sit and laugh and relate to a great friend that lives across the country.
She's just an amazing person, and probably one of the funniest people I've ever met. We've both moved to different parts of the country due to our husbands jobs, and both of us are lacking in the friendship department. It's great that we can talk on the phone and online all the time, and fill that void.
And so, Jackie, thank you so much for your friendship. I truly appreciate the time I talk to you almost every day, and I really love that we've become so close. Oh, and happy birthday, too! :)

So, I made this for Jackie's birthday. :)
The pattern is called the Sidewalk Shawl from the Stitch Nation website. I also used the Alpaca Love yarn for it.
And I don't block many things that I make (mostly because it's amigurumi) but this one I definitely had to block. I'm so incredibly happy with how it turned out, and the color just reminded me so much of Jackie. Oh, and if you fold it over, and then roll it up, it looks like a head of lettuce! haha!

Hopefully, I will be back next week, but no promises. We're going to have a busy Thanksgiving with Seth's parents visiting, and I'm CRAZY busy with projects. I'm working on Christmas presents, and now I'm getting emails from people on Etsy for things that they want before Christmas. I'm really excited to work on them, just a little bit overwhelmed. :)
If I don't come back before then, I wish everyone a very happy and wonderful Thanksgiving!



You made a display of affection embarrassing enough for us both.

I shall now present the facts: I will wear the shawl on the streets of New York City. I will wear the shawl to see Debbie Stoller at my local Barnes and Noble. I will wear the shawl to take names and kick ass. The end.


That is actually just payback for your embarrassing display of affection on the phone with me that one day. :)


this is so pretty!! you guys are so cute!


OMG I am so mad I didn't know Debbie Stroller is going to be in Paramus!! I woulda taken the day off of work today to go!! =(

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