Monday, November 1, 2010

Why I Love November 1st.

Ok, in all reality, I'm not always a huge fan of November 1st. I feel like the rush is on now for all retail stores to stock as much Christmas stuff as possible, and I feel like it rushes Christmas by too soon.

However, today, while talking to my friend Jackie on the phone, I realized that November 1st can be great! It's because EVERYTHING Halloween related is on SUPER SALE at the stores!

Target was my first spot to hit. There was still a good amount of cute stuff, and I'm already regretting not getting more. lol!
But, I did pick up 2 mini Halloween nutcrackers that will stay out all year, a shirt for $3, a cute Halloween bowl and of course, some candy. :)

AND....Seth and I had a really lazy weekend. He's going to be doing a lot of traveling coming up, and it started today. I wanted to just relax and hang out with him since he's going to be gone for a couple days a week. On Saturday we took a random trip to some thrift stores. We had a really great time at a thrift store that we usually don't find anything at.
Almost right after walking in the door, I spotted these glasses. First of all, in case you don't know, I have a VERY deep love for The Muppets. I grew up with them. I've forever loved them, and any movie or TV show dealing with them. I love that I feel like they've grown with me, because my favorite Christmas movie to watch every single year is The Muppets Christmas Carol. It's amazing.
Secondly, I've been looking online the past few weeks for Muppet stuff online. My favorite character ever is Rizzo the Rat. However, they don't ever make much Rizzo stuff! If anyone ever wants to swap me for something Rizzo related, I will gladly do it! lol
So, when I stumbled upon these glasses, I was shocked, and immediately picked them all up. Extra bonus is that they were marked at .75 each (which is kind of pricey, but worth it for The Muppets!) but when I got to the register, she said, "Oh, just $2 for all of them." SCORE!!

Well, hope everyone is having a good day! I'm going to keep myself busy tonight and craft away! :)



First, those nutcrackers are AMAZING and I may need to stop at target tomorrow to see if they have any!
Second, I LOVE a muppets christmas carol. When we were little, every year my sister and I would get all our stuffed animals together in the living room to watch it! I guess we assumed dolls would like a muppet movie?! LOL
I've watched it every year since I can remember and kermit singing and putting tiny tim on his shoulder chokes me up everytime!!


You should definitely check your Target for the nutcrackers! There were only 2 sets left of the small ones, I just got one. But they did have big ones too!
And I'm so glad that other people share my love for The Muppets Christmas Carol! I absolutely love that movie. My dad really got me into The Muppets as a kid, so we still watch it every year. :)


I LOOOVVEEE The Muppets! And the Christmas Carol movie is the best! I think i have watched it every year since it came out!


I gave you a sweet, sweet blog award!

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