Friday, February 26, 2010

My computer is back! Hopefully it'll continue working now. So, here's an update on my newest projects. I edited my hat pattern a bit, and made a more 'holey' hat. I like it and think that it would be a nice spring or summer hat for those bad hair days. :)

And now, for my ultimate scrap project. About a month ago, I had a terrible lapse of judgement. I told my husband that I would not buy anymore yarn until I get rid of most of what I have now. This was a terrible decision I made.
Anyways, I decided that I needed to start getting rid of my yarn, and QUICK! I'm dying for some new wonderful yarns, and I can't do that just yet because I still have tons leftover. So, I want to present, my ultimate scrap project! My jellyfish! He doesn't have a name yet. I will probably end up posting him on Etsy though. He's quite large. His body is made from acrylic super bulky yarn, and his tentacles are made out of whatever pink yarn I had in my craft closet. Now, I literally have NOTHING in my closet that is any shade of pink. All in all, turned out to be a good stashbuster!!
His tentacles took me forever though, there's TONS of them there!!

I used bulky yarn(I believe this is wonderful Wal-Mart's Homestyle USA) and a size K hook. However, a worsted weight can be used with a smaller hook, I would probably use a G. On the tentacles, I ran out of my bulky yarn, so I used 2 strands held together. Remember, this is the ULTIMATE stash buster! haha.
And feel free to PM me or leave a comment with any questions. I'm far from a professional pattern writer.

Make a magic ring
1. 6 sc in ring
2. Inc around
3. *inc, sc in next* around
4. *inc, sc in next 2* around
5. *inc, sc in next 3* around
6. *inc, sc in next 4* around
7. *inc, sc in next 5* around
8. *inc, sc in next 6* around
9. *inc, sc in next 7* around
10. *inc, sc in next 8* around
11-19. sc around
20. *dec, sc in next 8* around
21. *dec, sc in next 7* around
22. ch 2. In FLO, make 2 DC in each sc around. This gives the jellyfish his little skirt.
Fasten off.
I made the bottom piece completely seperate, and then sewed it on. I found that much easier than working from the last row. I've done that before, and it's caused a lot of gaping and holes in the bottom.
Repeat rows 1-8 from body, sew to the bottom of the body after attached safety eyes. Again, I ran out of my bulky yarn at the bottom, so I finished him off with 2 strands of what I think is Red Heart Super Saver.
Have fun with whatever yarn you have! I'm considering making a rainbow one next! I also FINALLY got rid of all of my Lion Brand Homespun that is so pretty, but I HATE to work with. I finally found a nice way to use it.
Ch about 15-20 stitches over the length you want. For example, if you make a chain that's 20 stitches, and you want your tentacle to be that long, make it about 15 or 20 more stitches than that. This really all depends on how long you want your tentacles. Feel free to play around with different lengths too. If one comes out too long, just fold it in half!
Next, just do 2 sc's in each sc down the chain. This causes the curl! If you want it to curl even more, you can do 3 sc's in each.
Attach the tentacles all over the base. You can judge how many you want. I made 33 of these , but mine is VERY full on the bottom.

Let me know if you have any questions!



Controlling the stash is a good idea. I believe the fiber world has enough nutty stashers. What I've decide is that my stash will be limited by the container in which it is stored. I really only have room for the one container I already have so that's that. I'd have a lot of deliberating with myself and reorganizing to do if I ever wanted more room. The jellyfish should be named Zippy Jones or Senor Carlos.


I love the name suggestions, Jackie! Thanks! As far as the stash, mine is out of control. I actually got a shoe organizer, one that zips up and has compartments, and use that for my yarn. It used to be really nice. Each compartment had it's own yarn, and it was all sorted by color. Well, that's gone now. I'll have to try and get a picture for my next blog. Maybe then I can get suggestions for other things to do with my yarn! My jellyfish is a hit on Craftster. Perhaps I'll commission them off. :)

Dancing Shiva Photography

love the jellyfish....hi lil feller


Hey! I love this one! I'm making one as well now! (But my bf didn't allow me to buy matching colors, so she will be a purple rainbow jelly fish! By the way someone connected ur pattern on, not sure if you have a profile there, but it would be awsome if your jelly fish were on there too!

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