Saturday, February 27, 2010


We traveled around today. There's still a lot here that we've seen, but never actually gone and done. We found a mall. It appears to be, at least from the outside, just a strip mall. Turns out, it's an actually mall. There's not much in there, but it's a mall nonetheless.

We also decided that since we experiencing new things, we would try our hand at some antique stores we haven't checked out yet. There's an abundance of antique stores here. And I love them. Seth isn't as much of a fan, but some of the amazing things found at our stores are just amazing. The best part is, people here don't really know or understand what the stuff is worth, so it's usually incredibly cheap.

Well, we found a store called Antiques and Accents. It's in a part of town that doesn't have many things around it, but a gas station. It appears to be an old house, and it's just covered from top to bottom with amazing antiques, most of which are wonderfully priced, as expected.
I found this stove, which I fell in love with. If only I had a kitchen big enough, and $800 extra in the bank. :)

But then, I stumbled upon this. After seeing that they didn't accept credit cards, I even walked to the gas station next door just to use their ATM. I've been eyeing the Pier 1 imports ceramic cow creamers for a while now. At the cheap price of $5, I still haven't purchased one though. I think it's a necessity for any 50's style kitchen. However, at the original price of $46, marked down to $26, I had no problem grabbing this up as fast as possible. I LOVE HIM!!

In addition to all of this, I was brought home to MANY emails letting me know that people have been commenting on my jellyfish on Craftster. Everyone loves him! I added the pattern, which is just ridiculously easy. I'm glad he's such a hit though. He is a truly great stashbuster project!

Now, I must get to some stuff around the house before going to a friend's for dinner tonight.



I'm digging the cow pitcher. My mom has cream-sized one with the cow in a standing position. I also love those old stoves. One on my aunts has had one for as long as I can remember.


I do love the little creamer ones. But we have a pretty good 50's look to our kitchen, and the cow just fits perfectly. :)

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