Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I love packages!

When I came home from running errands today, I was greeted by a package sitting patiently at my doorstep. I know the package was patient because it's been sitting around for 7 months.
It was a package from my good friend, Jackie. She knows me very well, actually, too well. The package was a mixture of Christmas and wedding gifts. We got married in August, so again, it's been sitting around for a while. She wanted feedback on all the gifts, so I told her I would blog about it. :)
First up, this AMAZING scarf. Not only do I ADORE the pattern, but, it's cashmere. Last year for Christmas I got a cashmere sweater from her. From now on, I will always be excited to receive a package from her!

This next one is a wedding gift. See, ever since the GT Express infomercials, Jackie and I ejoy anything that's As Seen on TV related. Seriously, you can cook ANYTHING in this, according to the recipe booklet. And it all cooks in the microwave! haha!

This of course compliments the Pasta n' More. R.I.P. Billy Mays. But have no fear, because this comes with a bonus of the Mighty Gem-it. I can now bling out anything I need.

There was actually more chocolate than this, but I'm going to be honest, I ate it all. And it was delicious.

The 1 thing I didn't get a picture of was the box of "Gummy Boogers." My husband ate those while I gagged from just looking at the box.
All of that aside, I shall now get onto other, more crafty news. First, my logo is officially created for my Etsy store. I've also ordered business cards! Now, I get to play with the camera to figure out lighting and photography, and then I'm off to my brand new store!
I'm working on a couple projects. My mom sent me a box the other day, and it was full of old magazines. After looking through them, I found the CUTEST pattern for a crocheted lamb. I've been wanting a fun pattern for one too! So, I'm working on that. Next up after that is magnets. I'm going to be making magnets using some of my amazing antique buttons.
ANNNNNND.My swap partner should be receiving her package today. Then I can post all those on here too. :)



I'm glad you like the scarf. I got one for myself that is tan and cream houndstooth. I really love that the Mighty Mend-it came with the bonus Mighty Gem-it. I have to agree that the booger candy was gag-worthy. I pretty much purchased every type of poo-candy on the market and the booger candy was an after-christmas bonus.


I forgot to even mention the scarf that you got Seth too. It's so nice!! He's not even a scarf guy, but really likes it. Now, if it would only get cold enough for us to wear them. High today is 59!!

Dancing Shiva Photography

fatty mcfat fat, eating all the choco...

ha! can't wait to see the little lamby guy

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