Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm back!!


So, I'm back from my litte trip. I had a wonderful time. I learned so much, and Donna helped me out with a lot. So, onto the photos!!

Night 1: After dinner, Donna and I set off on a pattern I had purchased earlier in the day. It was for a purse. I love it! I was hoarding this certain fabric, and I'm glad I waited to use it, because it definitely came in handy this weekend. It's so many outrageous colors, but I like how bright it is. I think it'll make a nice purse for Spring. :)
Things learned from project: pleating. Proper use of interfacing. How to properly read and use a pattern. How to insert a lining into a purse.

Day 2 was a big day. I decided I wanted to make a change purse to match my purse. I just wanted it to be something to hold my girly stuff. So, I created this! I didn't use a pattern at all.
Things learned from project: How to insert a zipper. This is where I began to perfect my lining of purses. :)

I also made a sewing machine cover that day. I just measured my machine, and then constructed it. I used leftover fabric from my ottoman.

And, Seth told me before I left that I was supposed to make him something. Not knowing what to make, I eventually decided on a zombie pillow. Almost all of it is fleece, except for the blood and the blue in the eyes, that's suede.
Things learned from project: Applique. You can use ANYTHING in the house to create a pattern. The eyes were traced from cups, and the middle of the eye was from a jar of paint. :)
He was loved by all. Seth loves him as well. I was very proud of him since he was my first applique project. :)

Next up that day-seriously I was sewing all day!- was a thread catcher. I've seen these on Craftster before, I've just never made one. I've also perfected my linings here as well. The pin cushion is filled with rice. I also made another one, but didn't get a picture of it. Donna requested one before I left, so I had to whip up another one. :)

I was running out of inspiration the next day. I was online for a while, just walking around, but I couldn't think of much else to do. So, as I was staring at my sewing machine, covered in it's new cover, I got my inspiration.
This is my first plushie, although it's so big, it's more of a pillow. I LOVE him. Seth thinks I should make more to sell on Etsy. He was a really quick project, but I do love him now. :)

After that, I was on a roll, and decided to make more of a set for my purse. So, I constructed a cell phone holder. This is where I learned how to make a button hole on my machine! It buttons conveniently around the handle, which is nice because the purse is huge, and I would very easily lose my phone in there.

After that, I decided a slightly larger makeup case would be nice too. So, I made a circular one. This was NOT fun, especially with the lining, but after a lot of hard work, I think it might be my favorite of the week. :)

And now, my whole new purse set. :)

I would love any opinions or suggestions on improving that anyone has! Considering I haven't been sewing long, I think I did a pretty good job. Even if I didn't, I still had fun. :)



Oh my gosh, you are a sewing machine, woman! And you are amazing! I love it all! I would use that bag in a heartbeat. I LOVE the zombie pillow and owl the most. So. Freakin. Cute. And I absolutely love that fabric on your make-up case. Wonderful job on EVERYTHING.


It's funny, because I actually thought about you while I was making that case. I made that right after I read your blog about your wedding, so I thought it would suit you. lol. I love the pillow and owl so much too. I really think I'll be making more!


what great projects!I loved watching the progression of projects and the movement from functional to fun! Great job, the opportunity to get away for a week and just play is so freeing and opens up all kinds of brain power!


I love all of the fabrics you used. Eveything came out awesome. I picked up some old-school sewing books this past week. I need to send you some pics.

p.s. All of your super-speed crafting makes me feel like I'm knitting one stitch per hour. At that rate your tote bag won't be done until spring 2011. I really need to get my blog running. I swear, I do more that just knit slowly and stare. Lol!


Yea, you really need to blog more, you've been a little disappointing with that. lol.
I had been hoarding those fabrics for quite sometime. I'm glad I finally used them though. I need to stop hoarding craft supplies though.


I'm just learning to sew too. I actually have the same table as you.

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ack omg i adore the whole purse set and esp ADOREEEEE the happy pink guy with his colorful lil arms!! eek so cute!!! great stuff, ames. and the little bags would be a big seller on etsy!

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