Sunday, March 28, 2010

Continuing on the wonderful weekend.

I had a friend over last night for a craft night. I love those nights. It's nice to just have someone over and craft for a while. We do completely different crafts, which is fun too. We get different perspectives on things that we're making, and it gives us different ideas.
Well, my idea, was to make a monster case for my new computer. I brought my hubby to Joann's to pick out fun fur. I have plenty of fleece, so I knew that part would be fine. After searching through the fun fur, I finally settled on something that reminded me only slightly of a golden retriever. I thought that I could somehow make it look like something other than that. ha.
So, after picking out this teal colored fleece, and the buttons for the eyes, it was very clear that I was making a yeti, not just any monster.
I apparently didn't do the best job of measuring, because after the fur had been sewn to the fleece, it was JUST going to fit. So, as I put it under the foot of my machine, my machine put the needle in once and then stared at me and said "screw you, you've got to be kidding me with this!" So, I had to hand sew the ends together. Not only did I have to hand sew it, I had to literally use pliers to pull the needle out. haha. I was praying that when I was done it would fit. So, after much difficulty and tearing my fingers up, not only does it fit, I LOVE it. :)

All in all, it's a good sleeve to put my Mac in and just throw it in a tote bag with other things. I think that's why I love sleeves like that so much, it really saves on airports too! :)



Okay, you know I LOVE this!! It is amazing...seriously!


Thanks so much!! It seems like it'll be pretty good protection too. It'll be nice to just put it in a sleeve and then put it in any bag I want. It makes it a little more 'portable' i think. :)


You and Yeti, together forever.

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lol @ jackie and yes, this is amazing


I love clever

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