Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

At least it is for me. I'm going to bore you people with some personal stuff from my life right now, aside from crafting.
First of all, we got a new building manager. I doubt I've gone into all the past details here, but let's just say, this is a blessing. We absolutely love our new apartment, it's a wonderful size, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the location, and now that we have everything unpacked and situated, it's become more of a home. I also felt like this was OUR apartment. When I moved to Montana, Seth already had his apartment. It was cute, quaint, but very small. And we didn't pick it out together, so I didn't feel like it was OURS. Our new apartment, is ours, officially. We picked it out together, fell in love with it together, and it's been a nice newlywed apartment. Or so we thought. Our building manager was nice, but never got anything done. He lives/lived below us, and next door was his son. When the manager would come to our apartment and say "The plumber will be up this afternoon", his son would appear later that day, lacking any sort of plumbing knowledge or experience. We went for 2 weeks without a working shower. We were so sick of everything and about to move out. Two weeks ago, when we paid rent, we put a nice little note stating everything that's wrong with our apartment, STILL:
1. Bathroom sink-our manager told us that we couldn't use it because it leaked into his apartment. So, after 3 months of being here, we still brush our teeth at the kitchen sink.
2. Tile in ceiling of bedroom is missing-manager told us he ordered it, when he showed us the apartment. We have yet to see this new tile.
3. Light in walk-in closet doesn't work-it's a very large walk-in closet, and it's just not fun to not have a light in there.
So, when we got our receipt put on our door from paying rent, there was a note attached. It said: Amy, I will be up Tuesday to fix the bathroom sink.
That was the last we heard of him. A few phone calls later, we find out we're under new management. Today, we have SERVICE VEHICLES in front of our building! We have professionals! There has been an actual plumber here all morning working on our sink, while I'm gladly refilling his coffee and feeding him sugar cookies, for the simple fact that he's a plumber. The feeling of knowing that things will be fixed, is just priceless.
Next exciting news! Seth and I have been talking over getting me a new computer. I feel that he's simply tired of my bitching about mine. haha! So, last week, we got our full refund from our security deposit on our previous apartment. That was a full $400! Seth decided to graciously hand it right over to me, to use towards my MacBook. The 1 stipulation was that I sell my computer before purchasing a new one. So, I talked to my dad about finding all the warranty information(of course I left all of that in Florida. haha). So what does he tell me? To check with him before selling it.
Onto my second half of this story. My mom has this sewing machine. Not just any sewing machine, but this amazing, unbelieveable, wonderful and professional embroidery machine. Seriously, it will do anything you ever need in your life. So, it can take things offline, and embroider them. Well, to do that, you need to hook it up to a computer.
Fast forward to yesterday.
After talking to both of my parents about all the details of my computer, they have decided to purchase it. So, guess what I went IMMEDIATELY online and purchased? My new MacBook. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas.
I also went to the doctor yesterday. Without divulging all the gross details of my visit, it was a wonderful outcome, that really uplifted me. I was quite concerned for it too, although I kept my stress bottled inside, because Seth said he couldn't tell that I was upset at all. However, It really turned out great.
Today is my cleaning day. I had a slight issue with my pair of yeti's that I was making, but I believe that I can get the kink worked out. Why, oh why, must I run out of yarn in the middle of projects?! I shall fix all those issues, and hopefully finish those up completely tonight. I just have to make a few little flowers and a top hat. But I must clean first.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. :)



I'm glad you got a new apartment manager. Nothing is more frustrating than a good-for-nothing manager and a list of apartment to-dos.

Also, so excited about the Mac! I use a neoprene sleeve by BulitNY and a low profile shoulder case by Brenthaven. I was very obsessed with protecting my MacBaby when I first got it. I've since become a little less obsessed, but I still don't allow liquids on the same surface with it.


Wow, I just read back through my post, that was incredibly long. lol.
Our bathroom sink is officially finished. It has some stuff drying, so it will be ready to use at 2 pm tomorrow. Aside from that, they have cleaning people on every floor right now to basically just tear the building apart and make it look nice again. I couldn't be happier with the new situation. It's shocking how it can all change so much in just a couple of days.

I'm already planning a case that I can make for my laptop. lol. I made one for my laptop now, but it will be too big for my MacBook, so I guess I will just have to make a new one. Lucikly, I have a lot of fleece, and I'm thinking 2 layers of fleece will do a very nice job of protecting it from harm. :) I know that this investment will definitely be worth the wait and the money.


And I'm thinking of making the case look like a monster, with teeth and stuff. I'll definitely be posting pictures after I make it. lol.

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