Saturday, March 27, 2010

Excellent weekend...

Warning: There will be lots of pictures!
Not only did I get my MacBook this weekend, but today was like Christmas for me. I got my swap package from SpookyPooky.
As I type this, I have my new yeti sitting on my lap. Seriously, I carried him around with me today while I cleaned and everything. I absolutely love him. As for the rest of the stuff, I will be putting it all in it's new homes after my hubby comes home and I show him everything in detail. :) I even cleared off the top of my desk for a lot of the stuff.
I was spoiled rotten by Alexz. I mean, really spoiled.
Plus, I'm super proud of myself because I actually uploaded all the pictures to my new computer all by myself today! I even figured out how to flip them and rotate them and stuff. It was pretty exciting. haha.
Ok, onto the pictures. :)
First up is the BigFoot cabinet. This might be my favorite thing. Of course in the middle of taking pictures, my camera died, so for now, all I have are pictures from my phone. The detail in this cabinet is just amazing.

This is my new yeti. I LOOOOOOVE him! Like I said, I seriously carried him around with me while I was cleaning today, and he's sitting on my lap right now. lol

As if those 2 things weren't awesome enough, I also got one of her pumpkin head dolls!! I have always admired them, and I'm so excited that I got one. The pictures don't even do all of this amazing stuff justice. Plus, these pumpkinhead dolls are soon going to be in Art Quarterly Magazine!

An amazing yeti message board. I know exactly where this will go in our kitchen. :)

Aside from all of that, I told her that I was upset because there were a few swaps that I couldn't participate in, that I really wanted to, one of which she is organizing, called The Creepy Cute Swap of Doom! So, what did she do? She put in an extra thing to make up for the fact that I couldn't be in the swap. This keyholder is amazing! We've actually already hung it up right by the front door. :)

Another swap that I couldn't make it into was the Coraline swap. So, she also put in a Coraline extra for me. I'm not sure what I'm going to use the box for just yet, but I know that I'll find the perfect thing for it.

Inside the box were some more amazing things. First was this awesome yeti ornament. Again, not a great picture because the camera

And another thing in the box, was a little tin with Nessie on it. Inside the tin were magnets. They're already up on the fridge. :)

And underneath those were some cards that I'm going to frame and hang up. I love them!

OMG. This is such a long post because of this amazing package!! haha
So, last, but CERTAINLY NOT least, was my exchange for the bride and groom yetis. It's a tote bag with a Cthulhu on it!! And, after checking, it fits my MacBook PERFECTLY. I have my new computer bag now. :)

Alexz, thank you so much again for EVERYTHING. I truly love it all. It was so great swapping with you and making a new friend in the process. :)



Oh yay! I am so so so happy you liked it all! It was a pleasure crafting for you and you deserved it all!

And how perfect that the bag fits your Macbook! I am getting a mac!!! I will explain how/why later. ;)

Anyways, SO glad you liked it and you really did deserve to be spoiled!:)


Well that's exciting that you're getting a MacBook!! I feel that mine was DEFINITELy worth it. I'm learning a lot on it, but I do love it.
And thank you again. I really do love everything. This morning was really like Christmas! haha. I've already put everything out around the house, except for the yeti of course, who doesn't really leave my side. haha

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ack the tote bag, wannnnt!! lol

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