Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wizard of Oz

My partner received her package from me in our swap. I'm so excited to see what she created for me too! I"ll post those as soon as I get them. Until then, I thought I would post what I made for her. :)
First up is the house I made. Sewing is not my #1 medium, so it was quite the challenge for me. I wanted the house to look a bit like sepia tones, and just have the color be the stockings and the ruby slippers. All in all, I'm proud of how it turned out. :)

She really like the mechanical heart that the wizard gave to the Tin Man. I think it turned out quite nice. She said that it was her favorite part. :)

What little girl didn't want her own pair of ruby slippers when they were growing up?! I know I did! Excuse my weird socks that I'm wearing with them. haha

A bracelet. Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

And this is everything together! The extras were 2 packs of stickers, a wicked witch journal, a wicked witch bookmark and some striped legwarmers. I was actually looking for black and white striped socks for her to wear with the slippers, but I couldn't find any ANYWHERE!!! So, I settled for legwarmers. :)
I'm realy glad she liked everything. I definitely worked my tail off in this swap! Now, I just get to wait for her package. I'm so excited!!



Cant wait to see what she send to you!


I checked just now, and it was in Billings yesterday! That means that it will be here tomorrow. I'm really curious to see what she sends too!

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