Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

I feel very busy this week. I'm on a new schedule where I'm actually waking up early. Sleeping in all the time just because I'm unemployed, isn't right. I enjoy waking up early now, sitting next to the open window with my coffee and crochet. It's really nice.
It's snowing this morning too. I somehow double my energy when it snows. I love it. It somehow just energizes me and puts me into a wonderful mood.

First, I want to stress how wonderful of a husband I have. haha. The other day he was asked at work to help clean out the storage unit. While going through the storage unit, instead of throwing something away, he got me something wonderful.
When we moved into our new apartment, I would go home at night and mentally place all of our furniture and belongings into the new apartment. I knew where everything was going. We have a table, and after much arguing, it was taken away as my sewing table and was given to our projector, receiver and Xbox 360. He's way too good at debating, so I usually just give up and let him have his way.
So, I was upset to say the least. I was really looking forward to having a space all to myself for crafting. Well, when a friend of ours decided she was moving, she gave us a desk, which let me have the little table that was the desk, for my crafting space.
Just for you to see how NOT pretty it is. It's also not functional at all. It was way too small, and short, and being that I'm so tall, I could barely fit my legs under it.

See? I told you, it was ugly. But, it fit right under the window, between the radiator and my husbands HUGE computer.
So, while cleaning out his office's storage unit, they found a 4 foot plastic table that they were going to throw away! So what does Seth do? He brings it home so that I can have a nice sewing table. :) See? I told you I have the best husband. haha

It's so nice and big! I can even fit my cutting mat on there. I'm beyond excited for this. :)
Next, is my project that I finished this morning.
A year ago, our good friends, Adam and Jess, adopted a new baby boy, Peter Daniel. I could barely contain my excitement for them at the time, knowing that they've been on the waiting list for years. A 16-year-old girl picked them to be the parents of her child. It's been amazing to see Pete grow with them, and to see how wonderful they are as parents.
We spend many nights with Adam and Jess watching movies and having dinner. Jess' main pick is bad shark movies. There's nothing better than sitting down with a bottle of wine and good food, and a bad shark movie. :)
Pete was also a shark for Halloween.
So, it seems fitting that Saturday, at Pete's birthday party, his cake will have a shark coming out of it.
So, what do you make a 1-year-old that does everything shark themed? Why, you crochet a shart hat, of course! I definitely plan on getting some action shots of Pete in his birthday hat that I made him. :)



That shark hat is so cute! I just love it! And what a wonderful husband you have!


Thanks so much! I'm super excited about my new sewing area. It's nice to actually have room to work. And I can't wait for the birthday party and to see the parent's faces when they open the hat. lol


The shark hat is too funny! I've actually been thinking about moving my sewing machine to the dining room table. We don't actually use it for eating anyway. I currently have my garden seedlings set up on it right now, but after I done with that I think I'll make it a craft station.

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