Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So, there's a new swap going on. It's a Coraline swap. I love Coraline so much!! I've stalked the galleries of the previous swaps, and I'm just intimidated by everything. I have until the 19th to sign up for this, so I've been thinking about it a lot. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can make that's Coraline related? There's a crocheted Coraline doll on Etsy that they sell the pattern for. Maybe just that? I would love suggestions...of course, there's always Squitty, that I made and posted the pattern for her.
Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Edit: If you haven't seen Coraline, you definitely need to!!



You must explain to me how these swap things work. I'm thinking I need to get in on that shit.


Well, it's done on They have a whole section for organized craft swaps. They're all done by themes. You sign up by a certain date and they specify what size and everything your items need to be. Then there's a send out date. It's always a surprise as to what you'll be getting. The fun thing that I've learned with it, is that I find I get out of my normal medium, which is crocheting. I learned A LOT in the Wizard of Oz swap. You should just go and browse through some of the galleries. :)


Oh man, I want to be in that swap so badly, but I am already so full with other swaps and stuff. I was in the first two rounds, but I don't think I can swing this one.

But you can make so many things! Based on other things you make, I know you could do a lot with this. Your squitty is adorable, and almost everybody who loves Coraline wants and loves a squitty of their own. In fact, I have a few. A crocheted Coraline doll would be cute, and you can crochet other stuff too from the movie! Like Cat, the little skeleton turtle, the scottie dogs, (I got one in the last swap that I adore) bugs like the ones in the end of the film, frogs like the ones in the garden, etc. You could even crochet some awesome colorful flowers and pumpkins and put them on a purse or something to represent the garden.

What else...hmm. You could actually adapt your slipper pattern to look more like her yellow boots or blue boots the other mother gives her. Or make the slippers blue and put little silver stars on them. The first round I got a knitted bag with stars on it to look like the sweater. Way cute! Her gloves in the movie are awfully cute, so you might be able to do something similar, or make armwarmers with buttons. You could even put squids on them or something. Your hats are really cute, so you could do a black one that resembles her hat she wears.

Oh- your button magnets would be perfect for this! Button charm bracelets are cute, or you could do a regular charm bracelet and find charms to fit. (skeleton keys, buttons, turtles, a cat, seeing stone, squid, etc.) Notebooks with decorations would be cute. I have found with Coraline art, you can just add buttons to almost anything and it makes for great Coraline stuff.^_^

Yeah, I think I probably said more than you were asking for, but hopefully that helps a little!


Wow, you have helped me out so much!! There's some really amazing ideas in there, and definitely some fun stuff that I could execute. I'm really going to consider this now. :) Thanks so much!


Oh good, I am glad I could help out!

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