Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creepy Cute Creatures

So, as previously mentioned in another blog of mine, I was looking for ideas. The incredibly talented Alexz gave me quite a few ideas. I decided to run with them.

These should be on my Etsy shop later today.

So, may I introduce, Bones.

And don't worry, because he has little boney arms as well.

I really like how he turned out. :)

And up next, is Mr. Zombie, because I suck at coming up with names. lol.

He comes quite 'incomplete' with a bloody stump for his left arm. I know, I'm cheesy. lol

And wait, what's this thing that he's dragging around like a toy? Why, it's a brain of course!!

I'm really happy with how they turned out, to be honest. Thank you so much Alexz for your ideas of doing things creepy cute! I plan on making a devil next, because I think he'll be adorable. :)

And, in a completely unrelated topic, I've decided that I will be going back to Florida this month. I'll be leaving here on the 20th of this month, hopefully arriving in Lakeland, Florida around the 24th. Then I'll be returning to the West on the 8th of May. I'll be flying into Spokane, where Seth and I will take a little vacation up to Newport, where he grew up. More than anything, I'm excited to see my niece, who was 2 when I left Florida, so we'll have to see how 3 is treating her. :)



I will be buying both if I can!! WANT WANT WANT! I am a little sad you are not coming through Boise, though. lol.


Thanks so much!! I'm thinking about making the zombie with a more off-white instead of a green face and arms though. But I definitely think I'll be making more of these!

Dancing Shiva Photography

ADORE them. so much. little boney arms. baha!


Bones is so cute! I love the zombie brain detail. Have you thought about a werewolf?


I have thought about a werewolf, I'm just not sure how I would do it, and I'm afraid that it would involve the dreaded fun fur. lol

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