Saturday, April 17, 2010



Quick story and then onto the photos. I went to Wal-Mart this morning to pick up the very last of the yarn I needed to finish his last leg. Turns out, I apparently bought out Wal-Mart, because they only had ONE SKEIN left for this guy!! So of course I bought it, but I was so afraid that it wasn't going to be enough. I held my breath while I was crocheting with it, but turns out, I had enough, and even had plenty to sew with. Yay!!

All in all, I love how he turned out, and more importantly, so does my husband. He stands about 35 inches tall. I used a trusty K size hook for the entire thing. And one day, probably not soon, I will be writing down the pattern and hopefully be able to make something legible of all my chicken scratch notes.

I'm going to post him into the Critter Contest today as well.

On to the pictures!!

And this is where Seth decided he was just having too much fun:

Ok, I'm finally done, and so happy. Now I'm off to post the photos elsewhere and then finally eat something today. :)


Nessa the Procrastinator

This is amazing! You're so awesome! :)


Thank you so much!!
I'm so proud of it, but so proud that he's finally done. Now I'll take a break for a little while. :)


It´s really, really amazing and awesome. My husband look at your pictures with open mouth. ;o)

Your work has been worthwhile and really can be seen.


WOW! I wish I could show my husband this but I am terrified he would make me create a whole Lego Star Wars or Lego Harry Potter cast. Fantastic job!


Thanks for all the wonderful comments. The response that I've had with him is just overwhelming, and it's made my week. It's nice to see that after so much hard work, people can tell. :)
elociNNicole, my husband is already requesting accessories for him. When we first started dating, we would literally sit up until all hours of the night playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox. I don't even like video games, but it was just so much fun, and was like a real bonding experience for us. He's already requested an Indiana Jones bag and whip, as well as many different lightsabers. lol.


Holy freakin' cow, this is insane! So incredible! I know this is gonna be in featured projects. It is AWESOME!!


Aw, I really hope so. I've never been in featured projects before!! lol


This is amazing! I saw it on craftster and had to check out your blog for more pictures. Love the picture of lego man drinking!!!


cool i love it it's just great.
i have a question do you have the pattern?


I do have the pattern. I wrote it down as I was going. Right now, though, I'm in the process of talking with Lego about what I can and cannot do with their name. The pattern won't be available for sometime, but I promise when get it done and if I'm allowed, I'll let everyone know that it's ready. :)
Thanks so much. :)

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