Wednesday, April 7, 2010


You know those days when you really want to make something, but you're just not sure exactly what? I've been in that mood lately. I want to sew some stuff for my store, but don't have all the supplies. So, what did I do? I thought to myself, "Amy, why don't you make your tiny yeti even smaller?" So, what's the result?

So yea...not quite sure why I even made it. And of course he's so small, he doesn't have legs, and his face came out a bit wonky. Oh well. :)

In other news, I might be away for a while. Long story short, my sister-in-law now lives in Washington. Her family is moving back to Florida, so she thought, instead of being on the road alone for 3-4 days, why not swing by Montana and pick me up. So, I may be driving back with her. Bad news is that, without going into all the details, I will only be able to fly into either Spokane or Boise. Seth would have to either pick me up from one of those places, or I would have to find a cheap flight from there to here. Of course Spokane is 7 hours away, and Boise is 9. We might just drive it. But I would be able to see my family for a couple weeks, plus there's a couple main friends down there that I would just love to see. I'll be updating, of course, to give my final answer as to whether or not I'll be going.



Umm, I think you should do it and come to Boise. Because Boise is only, like 40 minutes away from me and I got there weekly. So do it! haha. I will even meet you there with presents! lol


Aww, he's special!


Oh, and I love this yeti!! The tinier, the better!


haha! Thanks guys!! I thought I was just being silly with the tiny yeti. Now I'm contemplating a tiny bigfoot....minus the feet...would that be wrong? lol

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awww I wanna go to Florida....
swing by Louisiana and pick me up??? but I wish I could go too, I need to see my family.
and love the tiny yeti.

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