Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweeney Todd

So the package was received today of the cat I made, so I figured I could post pics. I actually have really crappy pics, because they were just taken with my phone. Either way, I think he turned out really cute. I tried my hardest to get his markings right.
Alexz said she loves him, so that's all that matters to me. :)

I'm so glad Alexz loves him. And again, sorry for the crappy pictures. :)


Dancing Shiva Photography

awww MROW love it


So, I have not had a chance to properly thank you. I absolutely adore this! I truly appreciate it so much, and I cannot thank you enough. This little ami has so much special meaning to me and you did an amazing job. You are right, the eyes were perfect, and my favorite part is her little black smudged nose. That was my favorite part about Sweeney, and you nailed it. Oh, and Sweeney has a crooked tail that I LOVED and I thought it added to her Tim Buton-like charm, so as soon as I read that the tail was posable I instantly bent it just like hers. Thank you again, so so so much! I cried when I opened and saw it. :)

(I will have your backgrounds done tomorrow, I think!)


I'm so super excited for the backgrounds, and I can't wait to see what amazing thing you've come up with! I really really appreciate it. I think it'll definitely add a lot to my pictures.
I'm so glad you liked it. It got a bit difficult on the face, but when I was done and really looked at it next to a picture of Sweeney, I thought it turned out really good. :)
I think I might use that pattern now for a Cheshire Cat. :)


One Cheshire cat, please.

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