Friday, April 9, 2010

You know what sucks??

Red yarn. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to photograph it?! I seriously took about 50 photos of this thing to get 2 halfway decent shots. Oh well. I suppose it all goes with the frustration of even making this guy! haha
First, I wasn't a huge fan of the actual yarn that I was using to make him out of. It's quite rough, and hurt my fingers after a while. Then, I wasn't sure how to do the horns. I think they came out too big still.
However, I'm pretty proud of the tail. I think it came out nice, and it's also fully poseable. Any thoughts or suggestions on him would be GREATLY appreciated. Until I make my next, I'm not even sure if he'll go into my Etsy shop.

After making what I felt like was that hell of a creature (no pun intended), I decided to make something a little more fun, something I would actually enjoy.
I had mentioned I believe in one of my comments that I was going to try and do the zombie in an off-white color. This might actually be one of my favorite creatures ever. I love this color rather than the green. I will DEFINITELY have to buy more of these eyes so I can make more, because this one will be going into my shop, but I'm going to need one for myself. Given my new found love for zombies, I don't know how I'll be able to live without one of these in my everyday life. :)

That's it for now!
Tonight I had a date night with Seth. We went to dinner and a movie and I was finally able to see the new Alice in Wonderland. I enjoyed it, and I thought the costumes were BEAUTIFUL. However, the ending was a bit too 'Wizard of Oz' for me, and it's definitely not my favorite Tim Burton movie. I think, we might just have a Tim Burton night.

Speaking of which, I wanted to mention a funny story about my previous post, Sweeney Todd. Alexz had a cat named Sweeney Todd, and gave me pictures so I could replicate him. So, I thought I would share my Sweeney Todd story now as well.
I've always been a Tim Burton fan. I've always loved his work, and I have a deep love for Johnny Depp. When Sweeney Todd came out in the theaters, I HAD to see it. Seth and I went and walked away just like any other Tim Burton movie: I loved it, and he just thought it was so-so. Personally, he doesn't like that although Tim Burton has his own style, he remakes most movies. So, anyways, I loved the movie. He enjoyed parts of it. Well, about a month later, we find that Broadway Across America was coming to Tampa, FL with Sweeney Todd. Not only that, but tickets were buy 1 get 1 free. Um, I NEED TO GO!!! So, we buy tickets and plan a whole day around it. We got dressed up and went out for a beautiful dinner and then Sweeney Todd. The play was, to say the least, unbelievable. If you haven't seen it, GO! lol. It was just amazing. When we walked away, Seth actually wanted to watch Sweeney Todd again because it gave him a new respect for the movie. The whole thing was just amazing. The orchestra were the actors, and they had 1 background. Mrs. Lovett was hilarious. Again, if you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend it to anyone. :)
So yes, I just thought I would share my little Sweeney Todd story. I was so happy to crochet a little Sweeney Todd for Alexz because the name alone had a story for me as well. :)



Okay first: I LOVE that Devil! I think you did an awesome job! I think he looks great as is, but smaller horns would look great too. Could you do tiny little horns separately and sew them on? I don't know if that makes any difference in simplicity though or not. Kinda of like this?[]=tags&includes[]=title

I agree- the white zombie is better. They are both cute, but he looks more pale and sickly. lol. I love him...I hope I can get it! If not, you must make more! lol.

That is so cool about Sweeney Todd! I wish I could see the play. You and your husband are so similar to me and Kevin. We always have those same reactions to films you just described.


See, I did the horns separately and then sewed them on, but I just made them too big. I think I'll post him on Etsy to see how he does, and then just make some more.
I will definitely be making more of the zombies. I don't think there's any worry there! I was asked if I'm going to bring some of my projects to Florida with me, so I'll have to try and make another one quick to bring with me. He can keep me company too! haha.
Sweeney Todd was just amazing all around. And Tim Burton did an AMAZING job on the movie, as compared to the play. We both really enjoyed it, and I'm so glad that Seth was able to really enjoy a Tim Burton movie as well. :)


Maybe if you give the devil some black pants... The pale zombie is a winner.

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