Saturday, April 3, 2010

Relaxing weekend

This is what we've done today. Seriously, this is pretty much it. Dyed eggs. lol. It's been nice to really not do much. Last night we did our laundry, and cleaned this morning, so really, we're just relaxing, which is nice.

I have, of course, done a bit of crafting. I did a dinosaur, but I'm not sure that I'm totally in love with it just yet. Thoughts or suggestions are very welcome!!

And then I've been working on these. I'm also not sure that I'm completely in love with them. The little pouch was just a test run, and thought I might as well add a goofy face to it. The yeti purse was made out of an amazing thrift store find of fun fur. I definitely found a better way to do it, but I'm just not sure that it's what I was hoping it would be. Again, any comments are very welcome!! Let me know if you think I can improve it somehow. :)

I really think monster purses would be fun, I'm just not positive that the little clutch works, but let me know if it does. That's pretty much all I've been working on lately. I have another crochet project that I need to start, which I will probably do tonight. Tomorrow: Easter egg hunt in the morning, and quiet day and dinner here. :)



I LOVE that little dinosaur with a passion!

I think the purse and clutch are adorable. And you do such good, reasonable prices I think they would sell great. I myself love little clutches, and I always find myself browsing etsy for little, inexpensive things I can buy when I have some extra cash or when I am just bored and feel like spending money I don't have. lol.

The dinosaur is full of win! I love him!


Aw, thanks for the nice comments!!
The more I looked at the dinosaur, the more iffy I was about him, so I'm glad I got another opinion. I think I might just post him on Etsy and see how he does before I make more. And I think I'll do the same with the purses. The clutch is a good size, so you could definitely still hold a good amount of stuff.
I'm also going to try with some other fur. The white isn't near as soft as the laptop cover. I have some of that leftover, so I'll use some of that. :)
Thanks again for the comments though, they definitely helped. :)


I like the dinosaur, but I'm more inclined to call him a lizard man. Maybe if you gave him smaller arms he would look more dino-esque. If the smaller arms look too silly then I'd say stick with he current design. I like the monster purse idea but I think they need to be more fierce. Where's the blood and guts? Lol!

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the dino is so precious. and i already told you my thoughts on the bags, amazing

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