Monday, April 19, 2010


Lego man was accepted into the Critter Contest at Instructables. They stop accepting entries on the 25th, after that they'll be voting(I believe it'll be after that). Anyways, if you love Lego man, please go vote for me!!!

I thought I would post a quick little blog with some updates right now.

First, I will be leaving tomorrow on vacation for almost 3 weeks. I'll be driving with my sister-in-law down to Florida to visit with the wonderful family. So, this means, that my Etsy store will remain open, however, I can't guarantee how quickly things will get out. My husband isn't always the most reliable person to trust stuff like this with, however, I will try and get any orders out. I will be taking my laptop, so I'll be able to get any emails about swaps and whatnot, but I won't be able to work on projects until I come back, which will be the weekend of May 8th.

Now, onto the big thing. First of all, anyone that has commented either on my blog, Craftster, or Instructables, thank you. It's really made my week to see all the wonderful comments that I've received over the Lego guy. I thought I would just do a blog to answer some of the questions I've had about him.
First, the question I've been receiving the most, is the pattern. I did write down the pattern. I'm not sure if I'll be selling it or giving it away. I need more than anything to check out copyright laws on Lego. I don't know if I can sell the pattern due to copyright laws.
Also, I will probably be making a smaller one. This one was way too big, and it's literally exhausted me right now.
When I do the pattern, I will let everyone know on my blog as to what I'll be doing with it.
I will not be selling the actual Lego guy, either. lol. The time and effort put into him, I don't think I could actually charge enough. lol.

Ok, I'm off to clean some more before my sister-in-law gets here this afternoon. I hope everyone has a good few weeks, and I'll try and blog from my vacation. :)



I wish you good vacation in Florida. Hope you came back with many craft and ideas. ;o)

I read with happiness your blog over your vacation and other that cames later.

Read you in three weeks.

Lovely greets

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